Friday, February 3, 2012

Cluck, Cluck Here & A Cluck, Cluck There!

We took a trip down to Labuan Island to surprise my Grandma who had turned 70 last Tuesday..
Well, It WAS supposed to be a surprise
She found out about our trip down the morning we arrived :s

We spend most of our days there wandering around with Chago.
We learnt that my uncle, who lived 2 houses down from my grandma's
apparently, is "breeding" Chickens!
Well, their Nanny, Amy, is actually rearing these chickens.
The Chicken would only listen to her which is really fun to see.
So, Chago and I were excited that we dragged Miguel over to see the chickens.

Amy said they ran out of corn so she got some stale bread out to feed the hen.
Chago was so intrigued by the Chicken,
He started imitating how the chicken was eating the bread off the floor!!!
Too Cute!

He got to pat the hen
He got to chase after it
Even scare it a little
Feed it
And watch what it was doing
He was even clucking to call the chicken over to eat.
He yelled,
"Come!!! Cluck Cluck Cluck!! EAAAAATTTTT!"
No Joke! He really said that hahaha!

What would be so rewarding for this little curious being??
What about a splash in an old aluminium wash basin!

We even made our way to the park for some "Play Ball" time.
Look at him run!

What does a mother like me do when she sees her boys running about giggling all the way?

There's nothing much to do except join in on the fun and giggle away too!


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