Friday, February 3, 2012

Reversible Kung Fu jacket!

This was made especially for Chago as his Chinese New Year Suit
I have searched the net for any free or paid patterns for little men's Kungfu Tops but gahhhh!
Every link either leads me to a grown up women's Cheong Sam
or Very Girlie Qing Paos!
So I got out one of Chago's Traced Shirt Patterns and did some modifications and Tada!!!
He is now a proud owner of a reversible Kunfu Suit!

This is so cool!
Yes, Yes I know,
Self Praise is no praise at all but I am real proud of myself!
Look at the Chinese Button look on the front,
well, they are actually snaps. 
I used an old Bra Strap to link the two snap buttons to give it that Kungfu look.

He's such a poser!
Look at him strip it!

Here's him with the guitar print facing out.
Miguel says he looks just perfect for a Beatles Concert now!

"I'm Sexy and I know it"


Okay, enough with the stripping :)

Till I sew Next


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