Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Human Nature Natural Products Review

Something Worth Reviewing!

A couple of months ago, I was contacted by Jeanette of Down To Earth, to test out and review some of their products. I have been approached by many to try out and review products, and I have declined them simply because I just do not have the time (and the products offered has either nothing to do with what I blog about or of nothing that I would like my family, or myself, to try and continue using etc) or interest to do so.. BUT products offered on Human Nature are something else! 

I agreed and immediately started listing what I would love trying out!

What caught my attention was that the products were made out of natural, safe and are free from harmful chemicals. Exactly what every family needs. Exactly what WE needed.

I got the products that I wanted to review the week after that, and only started reviewing them once we settled back from our holidays. We were an excited bunch!

Here is the review, by my family. 

For The Little Ones

(Tangerine Tarsier)

A Review from both the Mum and the Dad:

What We Love About This:
1. Smells Great!
2. Made out of 96.4% natural ingredients! Can't beat that! And love the idea of it!
3. The design of the bottle is enough to get the kids into the shower Pronto
4. It does the job, clean!
5. Got the boys surprisingly clean even after an hour of rolling in Homemade Flour Paint. We would normally have a few flour balls on their hairy arms or back but got the nasties out with this.
6. Affordable for such a product!

What we found lacking:
Not enough lather. 
My kids, who took after both of us, have really thick hair. We have a 4 year old and a 1 year old, and managed to finish the bottle in less than two weeks. Maybe because were so used to using what is offered on supermarket shelves, that we found that we needed to use more than we would need to with a more natural product. 

How would we rate this? 
Dad: 3/5 stars
Mum: 4/5 stars
Kids: 5/5 stars

A review from the Mum & Dad

What we love about this Product:
1. Non drying on the skin. Fabulous!
2. Love the amount of bubbles and lather that it makes. A little goes a looong way!
3. It is 99.3% natural ingredients! 
4. Never fails to wash off Face Paints in a jiffy!
5. Affordable

What we found lacking?
That is how good and straight to the point this product is

How would we Rate this?
Dad: 5/5 stars
Mum: 5/5 stars
Kids: 5/5 stars

A review from a 4 year old and the mum

What do we love about this?
1. Moisturizes our dry skin immediately. The kids got their dry skin from me, as I have always had this. Applying this lotion gives an immediate moisturizing effect.
2. Non greasy! A plus point for us in this humid Malaysian weather!
3. Does not have an over powering fragrant which is perfect.
4. It is made out of 100% natural ingredients!!! 
5. Afordable

What did we find lacking?
It's perfect!

How would we rate this?
Mum: 5/5 stars
4 year old: 5/5 stars (he calls it his little boy lotion)

A review from the Mum

What did I Love about this?
1. No strong fragrance
2. Deeply Moisturizes
3. Great as part of our bedtime routine. We would sing our bed time song when we get dressed from brushing our teeth and have this oil massaged onto the backs and legs and feet of the little guys. They would feel more relaxed and ready for their bedtime stories before easing into sleep.
4. Made out of 100% natural Ingredients. I am amazed, really!

What did I find lacking?
Absolutely Nothing. It does what it does.

How would I rate this?
5/5 stars

A review from the Mum & Dad

What did we love about this?
1. The fragrance! The smell of fresh Lemon Grass! 
2. Moisturizing!
4. Made out of 100% Natural Ingredients

What did we feel lacking?
Dad: Brought the boys out for a hike up in one of our nearby neighbourhood forest hiking trails, the kids had this rubbed onto their faces, legs and arms (exposed areas) but was still bitten. It worked, I guess, but it did not last so long. We would need to reapply several times, which was very uncomfortable because it was quite greasy. 

Mum: I would bring the boys out for a walk around the residential area and one of our favourite stops would be to swing on one of our neighbour's outdoor iron swing. We had our arms, legs, face and neck with the bug shield lotion but was still bitten all over. This happened several times. 

How would we rate this?Dad: 3/5 stars
Mum: 3/5 stars

What Did I Love about this?1. It is water resistant as mentioned
2. My son went swimming under 2pm sun for 3 hours with this on, applied only once, and did not suffer any burns like he normally would. 
3. Made from 100% natural Ingredients 
4. Affordable!
5. Not only is it great and natural for us and the kids, it is also sea friendly. Take a look at the description below:

What I felt Lacking?
Nothing Actually. This is one of my favourite products. We have been buying sunscreens blindly before and now I know better!
We do also use this for other outdoor activities. When we have it on in the water, it's great, but it can feel greasy when we have it on while hiking or playing under the afternoon sun.

How would I rate this? 
5/5 stars
I simply LOVE this one!

For The Grown Ups

Reviewed by the Dad and Mum

What did we Love about this?
1. The smell. The dad didn't think that it smelled like Vanilla but it did smell nice.
2. It is made up of 96.4% natural ingredients
3. Works great when using this, followed by the Natural Moisturizing Conditioner

What we felt lacking?
1. Lather. Just like the Kid's shampoo, we felt that it could do with more lather. We'll blame it on our thick hair. We finished a bottle under 2 weeks between two adults. 
2. We felt that it wasn't as moisturizing as it claims. It probably is, just that maybe we've got thicker hair and so it was hard to tell. The dad claims that his hair felt rougher than when using commercialized shampoos. Then again, it could be because we weren't used to using something as natural as this.

How would we rate this?
Dad: 2/5
Mum: 3/5

Review from Dad, Mum & 4 year Old

What did we Love about this?
2. It does what it says, CONDITIONS! & we LOVE it!
3. Goodbye Tangles!
4. Hair becomes so soft! I would also use this on the kids and it works amazingly! The youngest have curly locks and it really gives him the extra curls after each and every wash.
5. Lovely scent!
5. Very Very Very Price worthy! I would definitely keep buying this
6. A little goes a long way. Extra Points for that.
7. Made out of 100% Natural Ingredients. A Big Yesssss from me!

What we felt Lacking?
It's a perfect product for us!

How would we Rate this?
Dad: 4/5 
He didn't think it smelt like Vanilla
Mum: 5/5
My favourite Product for sure!
4 Year Old: 5/5

Reviewed by the Mum

What Did I Love about This?
1. It does what it is supposed to, clean!
2. I did not need to wash my face twice! With other brands, I would need to apply facial wash twice (you know how messy a mother can get with all that cooking, cleaning and running after kids, and sometimes, face painting sessions with the kids). 
3. I love how gentle it actually is on the skin. It exfoliates and really cares for the skin without being to harsh. Great for everyday use.
4. Price wise, I would definitely buy this again. I spend almost as much as I would on this with other non natural brands. 
5. A little goes a long way! I was given a sample of 50ml bottle and I just ran out of it. 
6. Made out of 99.85% of Natural Ingredients

What I felt lacking?Nothing. It is a great product!

How would I rate this?
5/5 stars

Reviewed by the Dad and Mum

What did we Love about This?
1. It's great for the hair! The dad uses this, his favourite product. It Moisturizes his hair and give it that wet look without that greasiness. He claims his hair is softer ever since.
2. I would rub this on my elbows because I find my elbows are quite dry. Works!
3. Moisturizes the face without being greasy.
4. Made out of 100% Natural Sunflower Oil
5. Affordable

What we found Lacking?
Nothing much. 
I did try rubbing it under my eye for weeks but it seem to not make much of a difference in lightening the dark circles. I wouldn't say that it did not work, I would say that I need more sleep :)

How would we rate this?
Dad: 5/5
Mum: 4/5

Reviewed By the Mum

What Did I Love About This?
1. It is light and non greasy. My skin absorbs the cream easily and keeps my face moisturized the whole day
2. The scent is not over powering. It has that sweet smell to it which is perfect for a face moisturizer
3. Made out of 100% natural ingredients. What more could you ask for in a face moisturizer!
4. It is quite pricey for 50ml bottle but it is something I am willing to pay for as it is a great product and works wonders, naturally, for my face.
5. A little goes a long way. Just one small pea size and it glides easily over my whole face.

What I felt Lacking?
I am a happy camper. This is a perfect Moisturizer for me. 
It would be great, though, if Human Nature could come up with a moisturizer like this but with UV protection, perhaps?

How would I rate this?
5/5 stars

Reviewed By the Mum

What Did I Love About This?
Just Like the All Natural Day Moisturizer... EVERYTHING!
1. It is light and non greasy. My skin absorbs the cream easily and keeps my face moisturized the whole night without waking up to an oily greasy face.
2. The scent is not over powering. Yessss... I have this thing, where I complain about scent of products being to strong, it causes my throat to itch and causing me to develop a sore throat.
3. Made out of 100% natural ingredients. I am In Love!
4. I never quite understood the need of having a Night Moisturizer until now. Waking up to a glowing face is way better to the dull familiar face I once knew.
5. A little goes a long way! 50ml, and I still have a quarter to go!

What I felt Lacking?
It's perfect for me!

How would I rate this?
5/5 stars

Reviewed by the Mum

What did I Love about this?
1. It leaves a soft and supple feeling in the morning
2. It has that soft scent. 
3. A 100% natural ingredients product

What I felt Lacking?
1. I was given a few small tester bottles of this serum. It was quite hard to get the serum out or to know how much I am actually "pumping" onto my palms to rub onto my face. So I don't really know if it would go a long way or not.
2. It was quite greasy for me. I woke up with soft, smooth and supple skin but it did give me that greasy feeling which I did not like. 
3. It is quite pricey. Although this Overnight Elixir is a 100% natural, it did not give me the results I had expected. I have read reviews on how it reduced fine lines and wrinkles, and that is great. I think It would require a longer and regular use of this product to really see the brilliant effect on my skin. 

How would I rate this?
3/5 stars


And there you have it! My humble and honest review on a range of Harmful Chemical Free Products offered from Down To Earth by Human Nature, where most of it's ingredients being Natural.

Jeanette was kind enough to Sponsor TWO sets of products as a Giveaway!

If you would like to get your hands on them, You would need to stay tune as the Giveaway will be though my Facebook Page at Rabbit The Penguin some time this weekend!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Minky Wipes

Time to wipe up those mess in the most adorable way possible!
Minky Wipes! 
I made these quite awhile back, I am just posting them on my blog now to update it.
Plus these are great ideas for those who are thinking about sewing their own birthday gift bags etc.
Why not include these cute wipes for the kids to use and keep?
What about having these wipes at school.
And how would they look in lunch bags???

What about double sided two tone Minky Wipes!

Till I sew next :)

Monday, January 13, 2014

Minky Fabrics Malaysia Promotion

It's been almost a year since I last blogged about my Minky Fabrics.
Do I still have them?
Answer is: YES I still do
20 beautiful colours to choose from and you can find them HERE

Chinese New Year Promotion! Welcoming the Year of the Horse!

Promotion Runs till end of the Month

Free Gift for Purchases above RM100

Great Quality Minky
Oeko - Tex Standard 100 Certified!
3mm Pile South Korean Minky Fabrics
Great Price, Great Savings on Shipping!

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bubble Painting

Toddler Activity: Chago will be 3 in 2 months

Eversince Max was born, it's been quite hectic around the house. I am a Full time mum, Full time wife, I Sew full time as well, And I Exclusively breast feed Max. I am not complaining, it's just that things got out of hand in terms of play time, work time and baby time etc. 

Now, 5 months after, we're starting to get out groove back. I decided to cut down on work and spend more hours with the family, Chago especially. 
We've done quite a lot but I seldom have the energy to blog about anything these days. So let's start again with some Bubble Painting shall we?

Bubble Painting Recipe:
Clear Dish wash liquid
Food colouring of your kid's choice
Empty containers
Big card stock (So it would not tear easily... In case your toddler decides to wet the paper and start rubbing the soapy paint with his hands!)

1. Add about 3 tbsp of clear dish wash liquid in a container.
2. Add in about 1 teaspoon of food colouring of your toddler's choice
3. Add about 1 teaspoon of water
4. Mix the solution with your straw
5. Get them to blow and have fun!
6. Repeat for the other colours

I showed Chago without explaining*. Just simply held the straw up to show him, dip it in the Soapy Colours, and blow gently. Some bubbles flew for a bit and then landed on the paper. Some Burst in mid air. All these creates patterns and then watch your tod's eyes light up. They'll be grabbing their straws for their turn next!

* I do the whole "watch me and you try" thing without verbally telling him simply because I want him to think without me telling him what to do. There are, afterall, no rules to follow when we're bubble painting. So why restrict the fun! FYI, I do that with everything. Sometimes saying less teaches them more. I don't tell him what to do or not. I just watch him, and most of the times, he amazes me on so many levels

Such a simple activity, YET, I learnt something from him. As I watched him leaned in, I saw how by going so close, he creates this pattern (below) that looks somewhat like a flower bud waiting to bloom. Beautiful! 

He started mixing the colours at this point. I asked him what he wanted to do and he said this
"Let's see what happens when we mix Yellow and Red mama!"
I got more empty jars and containers so he could mix the colours. 
The beauty of how a child learns when he discovers things himself. 
He'll remember this lesson for all eternity I bet!

I have to be honest
I started panicking at this point. But he was having so much fun laughing and blowing bubbles. It was so hard to get him to stop having fun!

Ahh... See what I meant about using card stock and not ordinary papers?
He rubbed his hands in and because the card stock was quite thick, it did not tear.

Taped it to the door to dry it out. It'll go up on the wall. 
We wrote our names up on the upper left  and dated it. We're thinking about framing it :)

Great thing about this is that if your kid ever gets his hands and face with Food colouring soapy colours, it comes off easily! 

Try it, I'm sure your tods will love this.

Until we play again :)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Little Clouds Giveaway!

Okay, Yes!
I haven't been blogging.
I've been busy with so many orders and busy with the little guys!
Santiago is growing so fast, it tickles me to hear what he has to say about anything!
And Max, he's one strong guy!

To CELEBRATE the Countless Happy Times that I have had and will have
And as a way of Thanking those who have been with me through my RTP journey
I'm giving away TWO Little Clouds!
But first, Enjoy the pictures!

Inspired by Eric Carle's "Little Cloud"
Chago has grown to love books so much,
His brother seems to take interest as well... At this age (5 months) he seems to enjoy "tasting" them instead

I wonder what he's thinking about...

Aha! Got the Book!

See what I mean about "tasting"?

Chago loves these, but he decided that he would like having a different colour cloud 
instead of the typical white.

Great Tummy time exercise!

Want these?
I am giving out TWO as I have mentioned
Click HERE to get details on how to win it!

Want to make these yourself?
Need Minky Dot Fabrics?
Minky Dot Fabrics now Available in Malaysia through my Fabrics Page over at

I also have Customers buying Minky fabrics from Singapore, The Phillipines, Indonesia, South Africa etc etc
International Customers are always welcome!

Or if you'd like me to Custom one for you, 
drop me a line over at my Rabbit The Penguin Page and I'll get back to you :)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Minky Fabrics Now In Malaysia

Minky Dimple Dot Fabrics are finally here in Malaysia! 


Sorry! I just had to start this post with lots of excitement!
I know it's been a long time since I have actually updated my blog. I just gave birth to my second son last end of November and have just recently started sewing again.

I am proud to announce that I am the proud seller of 
Dimple Dot 3mm Minky Fabrics here in Malaysia!
No more buying them and bearing expensive shipping from the USA!

We have it here locally now!
I have already started sewing some cuddly blankets for my boys but I never seem to be able to get a good picture as they move too much to get that perfect picture. 
And when they do keep still and look so perfect in their soft blankets,
well, I never seem to have my camera with me at that time 
Here's the same picture I'd use over and over again to promote on my page, craft and supplies pages 

Giving Love Back! Want Great Savings? Here's the New Price List for Minky 2014! Free Shipping all year round! How's that!

Original Price is RM40 per meter not including shipping

New Price: (Updated 2nd February 2014)
Buy 1m to 10m is RM36 per meter with FREE SHIPPING POSLAJU SHIPPING
Buy 3m to 19m is RM34 per meter with FREE DOMESTIC PARCEL SHIPPING


100m and above is RM30.00 with FREE DOMESTIC PARCEL SHIPPING

You will be saving crazy lots from all that Free Shipping and cuts off shipping! 
** Not Applicable with any on going Promotions.


From now on, enjoy Free Shipping Via Poslaju and Domestic Parcel from orders as low as 1m! (You'll be saving up to RM70 on this to the comforts of your home, Trust Me!)
We do sell by the bolts as well for those who are interested to resell or interested to get them in bulk per colour for handmade items. Please PM us for more info.

You can look through them here at my Fabrics page at Fabric Seekers

If you'd like me to sew bibs, blankets, teething pads, bedding sets etc etc either have it customized or in bulk for retail purposes, you are more than welcome to email me.

If you have been Buying Minky from us, please do send us an email or PM us at Fabric Seekers to know more about our all new Loyalty Programme. Great savings for our Loyal Customers Always!