Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our First Postcard!!!

We got our FIRST Postcard today and so Chago did the hokey pokey dance yee haa!
And this is what our sender wrote at the back of the postcard in red:

"Hei, This picture is for a children song, about spring, flowers, and walking without shoes, Hapy post-Crossing.


 Anikka Kaller of Sweeden :D

I love the stamp too! A man feeding the steam engine's coal burner or whatever you call that...
Will look it up tomorrow morning.
Gah! My ignorance!

In my Post Crossing Profile, I mentioned how I wanted my postcards to be in their native language and without translation.
Great, now I realized that these comes with hyphens etc and what IF i receive a postcard in Japanese or Chinese???
So, now I would need to do some editing in my profile

If anyone knows how to translate this, do help!

Till I post Cross again!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

My First Mei Tai! Finally!

Someone from a sewing group in Facebook that I have joined shared her Mei Tai Project
I have always wanted to make one for myself but never found the time.
Plus the Mei Tai Illustrations and patterns I found online were mostly tie around ones
I love buckles because I just hate the whole thing dangling everywhere.

So after cracking my skull and referring to a few tutorials online especially from Still Learning Life on her hooded / head rest idea, I decided to get the drawing block out and start drafting.
My only regret about this Mei Tai was that I wished I had reduced the width of the straps since I am petite. 
But I added a chest buckle to keep the straps together which most mei tais have anyways.

So here's my Mei Tai for show.
Hoping to go for a hike somewhere soon like old times
Maybe to Mulu Caves?

Folded the Hood into a head rest.

This is even more weightless feeling than the pea pod carrier I made before

Chest straps, wide straps and my tie on waist straps.

Till I baby Wear Next :p

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Post Crossing

While having a cup of hot Milo the other day,
I was browsing through my Facebook updates and saw that one of the Home Schooling mamas I know through one of the Homeschool Network Groups have an album on Post Crossing.
This is something new to me...
Interesting too...
Sending and receiving Post Cards like how I used to write letters and on post cards too to pen pals I once had during my younger years.

Chago may be too young to understand this now but I am hoping that by the time he learns to appreciate any of this, we'll have a lot of postcards on the wall scattered and threaded onto countries on a huge World Atlas!

Today, most people communicate by email, social networks and the whole letter writing and postcard thing isn't appreciated much anymore.
I however, actually still do prefer printing my photographs on paper,
Sending Greeting Cards physically than virtually,
Send little silly notes in envelopes to some of my customers sometimes.
All these things adds personal touches to what the other end is receiving...
This is also the reason why I prefer DIY handmade gifts rather than to buy them off stores.
The effort and time put in to do something worth more than just putting money over counters.

Chago and I signed up for Post Crossing and we've sent out 4 postcards to Finland, Russia, Taiwan and Netherlands.
We're excited to get a postcard back!
We got news that one of our postcards have made it's way to Finland! Hooray!

Here's the Postcards that we have sent out.
Photos taken by me, printed them out and turned them into postcards.


Picture of a Temple near Jalan Sultan, nearby Jalan Petaling in Kuala Lumpur for Brigette Van Der Heyde of The Netherlands

Malaysian Bear Uniting for Peace for Dorofeeva Ola of Russia

A typical rainy day of our local Kampung Air in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for Piitu L of Finland

A picture I took at Lokawi Zoo of an Orang Utan mum smelling her young for Shiu-Wen of Taiwan

Hope to get ours soon!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Playful Reusable Snack Bags

 I started making these for Chago because I just hated dragging around a big bag to fit in all his snacks etc!
But then after that I couldn't stop. 
I took out more scraps and started putting the pieces together. 
I placed Bananas in them, a small box of raisins too.
I also poured some cereal in one and a piece of toasted bread with honey spread on it.
Yummy breakfast on the go!

And when we got to the coffee shop to have our breakfast,
I simply asked for an empty bowl and a teaspoon (I should have brought my own spoon).
I brought a small chilled box of Fresh milk with me and fixed his breakfast in a flash!
Win-Win situation.
He eats and I get to do so in peace!

Here are the other snack bags with other playful prints I've made :)
You can get them over at my Facebook Page HERE for RM10 each.
Or go ahead and make one yourself!

Till I sew next!

Monday, February 6, 2012

More Than Anything!

I have been subscribing to a few Great, Interesting Parenting sites/blogs
and one of them made me jump this morning!

Mummy's Review made me jump when I read an email on a sponsored 
This is something I have been talking over and over again with hubby Miguel!
That I just needed this sort of course
Ever Since Miguel had started working,
I have been spending more time with Chago
and have been neglecting my sewing as I have promised myself to committing to home schooling
the Montessori way.

And if you have been following me here and on Facebook
You already know that I have been talking about this sort of parenting style for months now.
Even my Pinterest  has lots of links and ideas based on The Montessori Method.

Chago learning to spread honey and cream cheese onto his bread.
He is also learning to set his table.

I went all the way to buying books, pdf files and scouting for toys
including disposing off toys that didn't give much learning satisfaction to Chago.
I invested in more books for him as he loves reading so much!
And now even thinking about turning
my sewing room into Chago's Learn and Play room. 

It would be great to have an experienced teacher who have had many many years of experience 
to coach me on applying Montessori at home.
I would have to admit that, home schooling scares me a little...
Scares me not because I think it will not work out
Scares me because I am a little afraid that I might not know enough to home school.
I would like, therefore, to have that opportunity to enrol into this course.
To boost my confidence.
To gain better knowledge with an experienced mentor.
And the most important reason of all is,
To give to Chago what he deserves.
The Love, Respect, Knowledge, Confidence and Education 
that I once wished I had as a very "curious" toddler.

Keeping my fingers crossed!
Let it be Us!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Welcoming the year of the Dragon 2012!

The Water Dragon, That is!

We managed to steal this show while we were out and about in town.
Chago got to get up close and personal with these yellow Lions
The loud drumming were irritating both our ears but the performance was excellent!

The other kids decided to join in and touch those funny looking noses haha!

Oh ho! look who is coming?!!
The Dragon himself!

Miguel never fails to get excited over this bit 
Simply because of the stunts and the playfulness of these lions

Loving the festive season always!

Happy Chinese New Year!!
Gong XI Fatt Choi!

Reversible Kung Fu jacket!

This was made especially for Chago as his Chinese New Year Suit
I have searched the net for any free or paid patterns for little men's Kungfu Tops but gahhhh!
Every link either leads me to a grown up women's Cheong Sam
or Very Girlie Qing Paos!
So I got out one of Chago's Traced Shirt Patterns and did some modifications and Tada!!!
He is now a proud owner of a reversible Kunfu Suit!

This is so cool!
Yes, Yes I know,
Self Praise is no praise at all but I am real proud of myself!
Look at the Chinese Button look on the front,
well, they are actually snaps. 
I used an old Bra Strap to link the two snap buttons to give it that Kungfu look.

He's such a poser!
Look at him strip it!

Here's him with the guitar print facing out.
Miguel says he looks just perfect for a Beatles Concert now!

"I'm Sexy and I know it"


Okay, enough with the stripping :)

Till I sew Next

Cluck, Cluck Here & A Cluck, Cluck There!

We took a trip down to Labuan Island to surprise my Grandma who had turned 70 last Tuesday..
Well, It WAS supposed to be a surprise
She found out about our trip down the morning we arrived :s

We spend most of our days there wandering around with Chago.
We learnt that my uncle, who lived 2 houses down from my grandma's
apparently, is "breeding" Chickens!
Well, their Nanny, Amy, is actually rearing these chickens.
The Chicken would only listen to her which is really fun to see.
So, Chago and I were excited that we dragged Miguel over to see the chickens.

Amy said they ran out of corn so she got some stale bread out to feed the hen.
Chago was so intrigued by the Chicken,
He started imitating how the chicken was eating the bread off the floor!!!
Too Cute!

He got to pat the hen
He got to chase after it
Even scare it a little
Feed it
And watch what it was doing
He was even clucking to call the chicken over to eat.
He yelled,
"Come!!! Cluck Cluck Cluck!! EAAAAATTTTT!"
No Joke! He really said that hahaha!

What would be so rewarding for this little curious being??
What about a splash in an old aluminium wash basin!

We even made our way to the park for some "Play Ball" time.
Look at him run!

What does a mother like me do when she sees her boys running about giggling all the way?

There's nothing much to do except join in on the fun and giggle away too!