Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The List

I've made a list of stuff that I need to get before the baby arrives... And I'm so happy now that my cousin and a friend drop off some hand-me-downs from their now all-grown-babies! 

So here's the list I made... I put it down here to keep track of what I need to make and what I have enough of... And So I don't get too excited doing the same thing over and over again :))

NB tops
NB pants
NB singlets
Cloth napkins
Diaper Covers 
Napkin Liners
Baby Wipes
Diaper Bag
Wet Bag
Towel Handkerchiefs
Nursing pads / bra pads
Baby bath towels
Swaddle blankets
Baby bibs
Burp Cloth
Baby bath tub
Maternity pads
Baby Mittens
Baby Booties/Socks
Baby tummy binder
Baby shampoo
Baby oil
Baby powder
Eucalyptus oil
Toddler's pool ring float (to make sitting less painful after labour)
Baby rubber mat for bed
Baby Bed Sheet
Baby pillow case
Baby bolster case
Baby changing mat
Baby Play mat
Baby blankets
Bamboo lite cloth diapers (5)

I will cross it out every time I get any of it done...

Hmm... I guess that's still quite a long list.
Oh well...

Till I sew Next :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

DIY Fairy Tale Play Mat!

I finally finished it!!! My very own Play Mat! Oh Happiness!
I was walking around Toys'R'us the other day and came upon a simple looking play mat selling for about RM250++... I opened the packaging a little and noticed that it's thin and has a very plastic like material. It's like something made cheaply in China but sold so expensively here in Malaysia. I could be wrong but I didn't like paying that much for something of that quality. I told Miguel I was going to attempt making my very own play mat! But I needed a theme...

I was talking to my nieces and nephews a couple of days later and was quite taken aback at how poor their knowledge of fairy tales and nursery rhymes are! I guess they stopped telling them at play schools, preschools, kindergarten etc anymore... So I decided to use Fairy Tales - Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs, as my theme :)

I am so proud of this. It's done without any sort of referencing or templates from other tutorials etc nothing! It was all done as I work. Ideas came as I sewed! And when my baby outgrows it, I can always hang it on the wall and tell it bedtime stories or they could play it out themselves :)

Here's some pictures for your viewing pleasure :))

Grandma's House

Which you could peel off to reveal Grandma's Bed :))

And slip the wolf in during story telling...

"I'm waiiiitiiiinnnnnggggg.."

Laying down the path to both fairy tales

Inside of the straw, wooden and brick houses of the Three Little Pigs

Laying them bricks!

Hammering them wood!

And tying them straws!!

This was my second attempt at the Red Riding Hood

Isn't she adorable?

As you can see on the right... I didn't quite like my first attempt... Miguel said she looked like she's....
Blind (???)

The Wood Cutter

"I'm gonna slay some wolf, I will!!!"

The huffing and Puffing Big Bad Wolf with the Three Little Pigs :))

"He Huffed and he Puffed at the first piggy's straw house!"

"... Again, he huffed and he puffed at the second piggy's wooden house!!"

"... But huff and puff with all his might, he will never blow them bricks down to the ground :)"

I hope you like it as much as I do :))

Till I sew Next!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Beddy-Bye Beast that rattles :)

I have always wanted to make these for the coming baby... Just so that I won't have to worry about some baby toy stuff for it when it's here. I had this tutorial for the Beddy-Bye Beast by Holly (you can find her at her blog) for some time now and finally gave it a go. I must say, I am very happy with how it turned out altho I didn't really use cashmere for it. Anyways, I mixed the colours up a little and this was how they turned out!

My Three Rattles!!

These are the things that are making the beddy-bye beasts somewhat rattle... We've actually had these lying around the house since 1994??? They are from the Lion Dances... I really don't remember how they end up with us...

This is the Beddy "Panda"...

And the Beddy Rabbit and Cat!

Instead of using the same colours or materials for the beasts... I decided to mix them up.


They are going to be stored in a nice place until the baby comes :)

Till I sew Next!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Revolutionary Monster!!

I just love this one! It's so cute in a scary way... But not scary enough to scare babies away :) I sewed this last night and just can't stop dreaming about them. I want to make more but maybe something that is of my own design. But till I get started on that one, I'll post what I have already done with the tutorial provided by Suse Bauer over at her website. 

Ahh... My beloved monsters :))

I'm ALIVE!!!

I guess my 4-handed friend here has lots of modeling work in store : p

Made from a green face towel... I especially adore him :))

He has that half happy half panic look on his face! I just love him to bits!

But lookie who's here... Miguel thought it would be a good idea to have at least a female monster just in case the guys get a little lonely...

I was so tempted to sew a line down the middle behind from the waist down to give an illusion of a butt crack... 


Mr. Smarty pants!

And a few random shots...

So now you know why he's green!


Till I sew Next :))

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kimono From Woman's T-shirt

I have to thank My cousin, Martina, for some hand-me-downs. I get to cross some stuff out of my list and start concentrating on sewing other stuff. But I just can't help sewing a baby Kimono since one of the stuff were baby rompers and tees. So I used one of the "kimono" tops and made myself a pattern for it :))

I traced around the tie-tops and got these patterns to cut out and make me some Kimonos!

I got this top as a free gift while shopping at Parkson Grand and had always wanted to make something for the little one... So Why not a Kimono top?

Cut  according to the pattern...

Sew them together... I attached a red ribbon instead of bias tape because I don't have any with me.

Again... I used a wider red ribbon because I don't have bias tape at that time..

This is how it will look on the inside...

And TADA!!!! Done!

And since I have some more material out of that tee... I decided to make a baby hat to go along with the kimono... I wish I had enough material to make something more Kimono-ish... But I guess this will do.

Looks like I need to be shopping for more ribbons...

I wish the little one is already here so I can show it off on the baby than a doll with 4 hands...

And there you have it! 

Till I sew Next :)