Thursday, May 6, 2010

What's for lunch?

I saw this tutorial once on how to make chef hats for babies, toddlers, teenagers and adults! I don't remember where but I had tried remembering every detail of it at that time... I suddenly thought about it last night as I was going to sleep and decided to make a baby chef hat!

And then I got carried away and started making a felt Ham and Cheese Sandwich with a beef burger patty and egg on the side just the way I like it :)

The Picture is a little blurred but I wanted to have it all in the same picture and my batteries were dying! 

Ham and cheese sandwich with lettuce, cheese, sliced tomatoes with a beef burger patty, egg and extra cheese on the side!

The Chef head I made... it's just waiting for my baby and he/she can be mommy's little helper.

Miguel having his sandwich with everything in it except the egg... he likes the extra cheese to go with it

And you can clearly see how much he loves it!

Till I Sew Next :p


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