Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The List

I've made a list of stuff that I need to get before the baby arrives... And I'm so happy now that my cousin and a friend drop off some hand-me-downs from their now all-grown-babies! 

So here's the list I made... I put it down here to keep track of what I need to make and what I have enough of... And So I don't get too excited doing the same thing over and over again :))

NB tops
NB pants
NB singlets
Cloth napkins
Diaper Covers 
Napkin Liners
Baby Wipes
Diaper Bag
Wet Bag
Towel Handkerchiefs
Nursing pads / bra pads
Baby bath towels
Swaddle blankets
Baby bibs
Burp Cloth
Baby bath tub
Maternity pads
Baby Mittens
Baby Booties/Socks
Baby tummy binder
Baby shampoo
Baby oil
Baby powder
Eucalyptus oil
Toddler's pool ring float (to make sitting less painful after labour)
Baby rubber mat for bed
Baby Bed Sheet
Baby pillow case
Baby bolster case
Baby changing mat
Baby Play mat
Baby blankets
Bamboo lite cloth diapers (5)

I will cross it out every time I get any of it done...

Hmm... I guess that's still quite a long list.
Oh well...

Till I sew Next :)


maslight said...

That's a long list XD

Michelle said...

it is indeed... I went through all that with my mom :s

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