Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Revolutionary Monster!!

I just love this one! It's so cute in a scary way... But not scary enough to scare babies away :) I sewed this last night and just can't stop dreaming about them. I want to make more but maybe something that is of my own design. But till I get started on that one, I'll post what I have already done with the tutorial provided by Suse Bauer over at her website. 

Ahh... My beloved monsters :))

I'm ALIVE!!!

I guess my 4-handed friend here has lots of modeling work in store : p

Made from a green face towel... I especially adore him :))

He has that half happy half panic look on his face! I just love him to bits!

But lookie who's here... Miguel thought it would be a good idea to have at least a female monster just in case the guys get a little lonely...

I was so tempted to sew a line down the middle behind from the waist down to give an illusion of a butt crack... 


Mr. Smarty pants!

And a few random shots...

So now you know why he's green!


Till I sew Next :))


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