Monday, June 21, 2010

You'll never know some things actually exist until you are on that journey to being a Parent!

Hey everyone,

I think I have mentioned before about me getting into this cloth diapering thing and now ended up as being a retailer myself :)

Anyways, I have comes up with a new pricing list and on top of that discounted price, there's a special price for the packages. So any of you out there who has friends who are expecting, or who are now nursing and caring for their little ones from ages 1 month to 3 years old or who are sisters or brothers or friends or anyone who want to buy baby shower gifts or full month gifts etc etc, share this blog here

The Bamboo Bums that's my blog shop for the cloth diapers :)

Learn how to save money with these cloth diapers
Why Cloth Diapers?
Learn to Save our Planet for a Greener Environment
And a whole lot of stuff.

Sharing is Caring :)

And if you are bored and want to learn something that you don't already know, have a read!

Like I've said... You'll never know some things actually exist until you are on that journey to being a Parent!
The things that you'll learn... What wonders!

Till I sew Next :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Froggy Burp Cloth Tutorial

I have been wanting to make some burp cloths for some time. I saw a few tutorials on how to make real simple ones and was determined to make them. But one night, not being able to sleep, I kept thinking about the new unused towels that my dad gets from the company he works for... And then this froggy burp cloth idea came along! My hubby thinks I am mad for not sleeping because I got excited about this haha. 

So this is just a pictorial tutorial... I don't really have measurements for it, and it's so super easy to make.

 Step 1: I used a Face towel... I took 1/4 of the towel for the cloth.

Step 2: Measure the length and width of the towel.. and cut out the same for a green fabric.

Like so....

Step 3: Pin them together and sew the sides...

Don't forget to leave a few inches to turn it inside out.

Step 4: I free hand this pattern... This is for the froggy's face and mouth. Cut it on a fold.

Step 5: Do the same for a red fabric for the inside of the mouth

Step 5: I added a pink felt that somewhat is supposed to be the tongue of the frog (Optional). Do this before Sewing the two pieces together. I used some extra balance of the towel to give it more padding on the inside otherwise it would look and feel too flat.

Step 6: Cut out the eyes and nose of the frog however where you want. I made mine with black and white in the back to look something like this:-

Step 7: Pin the eyes and the nose and sew them in place.

Step 8: Sew all around the sides of the body tucking in the small gap that was left open for turning inside out.

Step 9: Open up and pin the middle of the froggy head to one middle end of the froggy body

And there you'll have the froggy burp cloth!

Hmm... It looked a little to boring so...

So I added some spots to it... This is also good so that when you launder it... it wouldn't shift around too much around the middle.

And there you have it. A very simple yet fun and funky burp cloth.

Till I sew Next :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Diaper Tote Bag

Yay! My first attempt at making a diaper tote bag... I might have another go at it with different colours and maybe a zip or a button to keep it close. My hubby thinks it's great anyways! I made this from this great tutorial Here... Now, Here's a how I did it... 

Making the handles.... I made TWO 38" long handles. You can use cotton webbing if you want.

The Pocket outside...

Here are the side, front and back exterior pieces... I pinned some interfacing to them to give them more body... You can sew them together later or now... I did them at this point because I go crazy with the pins!

Then, I pinned together the black pieces together...

Because the bag was so plain white, I added some  black ribbons to it...

Pin the handles to the body...

Attach the Sides...

Pin the sides to the larger pieces...

And that's my exterior side of the bag...

Here's for the base....

To cover up the rough edges on the top, I used a black ribbon as a bias tape.

For the inside of the bag, I used a black fabric an sewed the sides of it and placed it in... I finished by just sewing in the ribbon to cover the ugly edges

And Tada!!!! yea yea I know, I really suck at explaining how it's done but if you really want to try this simple project out, find the tutorial Here!!

It's Big enough for a baby blanket, some baby shirts and trousers, booties, rattle, cloth nappies, baby towels etc etc... I made it without any interior pockets.

I want to make another one... this was just me trying it out :)) The lines on the tote makes it look so 90's! Haha, I'm impressed with myself anyhow :)

Till I sew Next : )

Cloth Diapers and More!

I know I have been neglecting the blog for awhile. The truth is I have been traveling as we had some relatives down and when we got back from the Mountains etc etc... I was sooooo pooped! And to make things worst, I developed a fever and was down with the flu...

But ever since I got back, I started on some Play Mat making, Booties making, Sandwich making and Rattle making! Also... Made some orders for the Bamboolite Cloth Diaper that I have been promoting! Check it out on my blogshop HERE!

Anyways, I made an extra special play mat for a friend who had wanted the same one I had for her lovely daughter Tiara. I made it a little bigger too :)) I really do hope she likes it!

She also wanted a ham sandwich and beef patty set as well as a Rattling Mr. Sunshine! I'm quite please with myself actually... Because I have managed to make them more or less almost the same!

And not forgetting them booties too! They are quite a hit!

And Amy Nash of Singapore, the coolest hot mama around ordered some Bamboolite cloth diapers from me for her baby girl. She too wanted a set of the Sandwich and beef patty felt set, she says it's educational in a way that she can train her girl to eat healthy and make a sandwich :)) She also wanted the Lady Bug booties, and I wasn't sure if it will fit fine so I threw in another booty for her which I'm sure she'll fit :))

My cousin wanted to try some Bamboolite cloth diaper too, so he had ordered 3 for the time being. I had ordered 5 for myself! I wished I had ordered more, and I probably will soon!

So, Till I sew Next :))