Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stick them eyes on!

Here's what we made and that I haven't blogged about.
Chago actually enjoyed doing this and I can see him concentrating when he's gluing the eyes on.
Helps with coordination too.
I need not tell him where the eyes are supposed to go to.
He just went for it!

The finished project up on our refrigerator

Here's Chago gluing on Papa's eyes :)

The Grand dad's Next
Want to gues who this is? :)

This little guy needs no introduction at all

Here they are - Glued on!
The eyes of the people Chago have grown to love

Up on the refrigerator :)

The Cat In the Hat

A cousin of mine asked me if I could help out with sewing Seuss' Cat in the Hat HAT
She got all the materials out for me and here you have it
The hat from Cat in the Hat made out of 
Felt and heavy weight canvas on the inside to make sure it stands upright.

I wish I had actually taken some step by step pictures but I bet you can easily google for tutorials out there
Here's one good tutorial though


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Soap Making Class

And here it is! Soap Making Class for those who wants to make their own soap from their very own Kitchen.
In this class, you will learn how to:
* Make your own soaps at home with Step-By-Step lessons 
*Make your own soaps safely in the comforts of your home
*Get ingredients from your local stores

You will be bringing home with you:
500gms worth of  Handmade Soap
A Soap Making Handbook
A "Where to buy" Ingredient List for you to shop for your soap making projects at home

Gloves and Face Masks will be provided

The class will be small and it won't be something so formal. The class will only have a maximum of 3 people so that you will have better one to one attention and hands on making soaps.

Have a great Weekend!