Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Breast Pads and Prefolds

Colourful prefolds! Love them!
16 x 16inches! Just nice!
And the breast pads comes in 2 absorbency
The complimentary wetbag for the lucky mum :) 

Till I sew next

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Made for Nath Tasha whose little girl will be turning One soon :)

I hope she'll love her little Ballerina Booties :)

The return of the Monsters?

Making a come back?
Soon enough :)
This is just an order I had from before and now finally having time to make. 

Of course, it has to be inspected...

And thrown when it isn't HIS

But no harm in testing it on anyways :)

Till I sew Next :)

Monday, June 20, 2011


I just have to post this up. I managed to steal a few munches and pictures at the same time :)
Made with love by my sister Gwen and my lovely hubby, Miguel!

Till I munch next?

Father's day Surprise with a Giant Cupcake!

We baked a huge Cupcake and kidnapped the two daddies for a Father's day Surprise Dinner At Chub's Grill at Karamunsing Capital :) It was funny and exciting! Here's the pictorial story of the event!

Giant Cupcake Made by My sis and I, it's actually Gwen's and Miguel's new Business Project :) Will be up and selling soon :)

Dad's in the car posing for a picture!

Rachel, the other kidnapper who takes care of the giant cupcake behind

Dad's cheating!!!

Surprise Surprise!!!

Awwww! so sweet!

5 of us ate half of the giant cupcake! Yummy!!!!

Got to get back to the sewing room!

Till I sew next :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jack and the Beanstalk - Inspected!

Before Packing it off to a lucky someone who ordered this from me, I let Santiago have a go at it... And this is what he has to say about the mat :)

Eggs... Hmmm... I love eggs

Mama, do you think you can cook me one of these... Scrambled please

Okay Listen Crew, you gotta know how to please the little people who are going to receive this wonderful play mats. Remember to always STAY in character, you hear me?

Where's the Sun?

I really would like them eggs... Are they done yet ma?

Ahhh! I love this Mat! Mama can you make me one please!!! And stop giving them away!


What do you mean no scrambled eggs for me???!!!

Well! I never! Ain't going to work for free anymore! I'm out of here!

.... And that's exactly what happened!
Gotta think of what to sew for him then :)

Till I sew next :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Another DIY Fairy Tale Playmat - Jack And The Beanstalk

Another DIY Play Mat for a Special Cheryl. Thanks for supporting my work :) Love you to Pieces!

Jack & the Beans Stalk!

Let's meet the Crew!

The old guy who bought the old cow with Magic Beans

Jack's Mother whop threw the magic beans out the window when she found out Jack had sold the old cow for Silly Magic Beans

Jack, who climbed the Beans Stalk that grew overnight and ended up in a castle up in the clouds

The Ugly Giant who lives in the huge castle in the sky with his golden eggs laying Hen and Magical Harp

Let's look Inside now... The Giant's Chair, Table and an old Cupboard for Jack to hide and peek from

Jack in the cupboard while peeking at the Giant falling asleep as the Harp plays him the magical lullaby

Jack in the old cupboard... Is it Safe to come out?

The Giant woke up when he heard the Harp saying "Master! Help me!"...
He chased after Jack who had climbed the table and stole both the Hen and the Harp down the Beans Stalk
Jack called for his mother who waited for Jack and cut the Bean Stalk down with an axe. The Giant fell and was never to be heard off again!

What did you think Jack and his Mother would do now that they have both the harp and the Gold laying Hen?

Build themselves a new fancy looking house of course!

If Jack ever misses his old home, Just attach the old home onto the new one and...

Tada!!!! Home Sweet Home!

The Castle

The Path to the Bean Stalk

The Back of the Mat

The J&B Family

All Packed up and ready to be shipped

Now that that's done, time to fill this popcorn bag up I made with My Pazzles Cutter a month ago and sit cozy in front of the tele with my dearest Miguel with our fake 3D glasses :)

Till I sew Next :)