Friday, June 3, 2011

Custom diapers done!

Now that this is done, time to move on to next orders...

8 Designer Fabrics CD, 2 Denim CD, 4 Night CD AI2 with gussets, 20 two layers double bamboo terry Tri fold = 6 layers with stay dry top inserts, 9 2 layers Bamboo Double Terry + 1 layer Heavy Bamboo Fleece Trifold insert = 9 layers with stay dry top, 20 heavy weight bamboo fleece covered with flannel/cotton, 3 wet bags, 1 laundry bag and 10 Raw silk Liners from BambooLite all ready :)

Will be posting off a Jack and the Beanstalk Playmat tomorrow if the post office is open... Otherwise It'll have to wait till Monday :)

Till I sew Next :)


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