Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's day Surprise with a Giant Cupcake!

We baked a huge Cupcake and kidnapped the two daddies for a Father's day Surprise Dinner At Chub's Grill at Karamunsing Capital :) It was funny and exciting! Here's the pictorial story of the event!

Giant Cupcake Made by My sis and I, it's actually Gwen's and Miguel's new Business Project :) Will be up and selling soon :)

Dad's in the car posing for a picture!

Rachel, the other kidnapper who takes care of the giant cupcake behind

Dad's cheating!!!

Surprise Surprise!!!

Awwww! so sweet!

5 of us ate half of the giant cupcake! Yummy!!!!

Got to get back to the sewing room!

Till I sew next :)


Nancy said...

wow! cute tu giant cupcake..mesti sedap kan..hehe!! HAPPY DADDY'S DAY to your dad & hubby Michlle :)

Beverly ◦● べバリー●◦ said...

Thats so cute!!! Seriously a HUMONGOUS Cupcake!

Michelle said...

@Nancy, Sedap!!! Thanks and Happy Father's day to your hubby too!! Double celebration for him hehe

@Bev, Thanks and YES it is Humongous!!

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