Friday, November 18, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree oh Christmas Tree!

Christmas time is drawing near!

My favourite time of the year!
And gearing up for the upcoming KKM Garage Sale Bazaar, 
I have been sewing like mad finishing customer's orders before my long break and
sewing for ready stocks and Garage sale goodies.
Still more to sew.
For now, here's what I'd like to show off :)

Cute Fabric and felt Ornaments!!
I tried them on my Christmas Tree last night with nothing but the ones I made and they looked so Lovely!
Will be making more and more and more!

You can also check it out over at my Ready Stocks Album in Facebook if you'd like to get some for your Christmas Tree at home :)

Add colour to your Christmas Tree this Year!

I love them all!

Little Yoyos for your Christmas tree as well :)

Till I sew next!

Friday, November 11, 2011

DIY Captain Hook Costume

My dad needed a costume to go along for his last annual dinner last Thursday and it was themed 
I said last because he's retiring at the end of this year :)
So he asked me to sew him one.
We went around our local textile stores and we were talking about what sort of Pirate he would want to be.
He said that many might want to dress up as Captain Jack Sparrow
and he didn't want to be one of them.
So I suggested Captain Hook!

I wish I had managed to snap pictures for a quick tutorial on this but it was really a last minute thing.
So enjoy the pictures that I have managed to take before he left for his dinner.

Miguel made the hook.
He used cardboard, some aluminium foil, the top half of a coca cola bottle and painted it black and black paint on the aluminium foil to create that rustic look

Oh, and did I mention...

Till I sew next

Monday, November 7, 2011

DIY Playful Curtain

Had a busy month last month
Still some more orders to go!
December is around the corner. I'll be taking a long break and since Miguel might be getting a job soon, I have decided to go serious on turning my whole sewing room into Chago's little play haven.
But before any of that...
We decided to replace the old boring curtain in our room with a new one.
I had wanted to get some fabrics to sew the curtains but when we were shopping around Parkson in 1B,
we saw some plain unbleached curtains going for RM29.90 each. Long and wide enough for one window in our room.
Miguel and I had the same idea :)
So we got two of these and turned the plain unbleached curtains into these:

Love the effects of the light glowing through in the mornings and afternoons

These are just few of the things that Chago knows and loves, like Stars, the Moon, Trees, Rain, Apple, Butterfly, Dog, Flower, Sun, Cloud, Car, Aeroplane, Triangle, Square, Crocodile, Tortoise :)

Messy Apple! You can see some of Chago's hand prints on them

This was us getting busy :)

Miguel stamping Chago's foot on the curtain

I sewed this very simple Art Top. He has pockets on the front so he could keep brushes etc in them
But I think he doesn't know what they are for yet

Since we were using Fabric Paint and since it has lots of non child safe chemicals in them, we tried distracting him with a bowl of water and some wine corks for him to scoop out and transfer... 
But I guess that didn't really worked :p

We're very happy with our curtain :)
Here's an idea that you can use for your home too

Happy Painting

And till I sew next!