Thursday, August 23, 2012

Montessori Puzzle Balls

I have been looking and thinking about how to make these for ages now. 

I found a tutorial over HERE and HERE
and started making my own, and for others.
I can't wait for this coming addition (I am now coming to my 7th month of Pregnancy) to have a go at it.

In case you are wondering,
what the heck is a puzzle ball and what's it good for?
Read on :)
Montessori Puzzle Ball is a wonderfully versatile toy that follows your child from infancy through toddlerhood. More Variety Coming soon!

During Infancy: Hang the ball above your baby's movement mat or car seat / Bouncer / Gym and you might notice them beginning to reach out to touch things whilst lying down. This can start happening from as early as 12 weeks, and although your baby's movements w
ill be very clumsy at first...if you watch carefully you will see a definite pattern in the motion of their arms and legs.

3-4mths: Baby in Sitting Position frees the baby's hands for working together and the puzzle ball is easily grasped and passed from hand to hand. The ball is also great for rolling as it doesn't roll very far due to its unique shape. Babies delight in reciprocal games, so rolling a ball back and forth will rate highly on their list of favourite activities.

The ball offers great incentive to early crawlers, as it presents the right amount of challenge. Rolling far enough to make them want to chase, but not so far as to cause frustration.

And as a toddler your little one will love to practice throwing, catching and kicking with the indoor-friendly puzzle ball.

And Here are a few of the Puzzle balls that I have made:

Have the time?
Go make one for your little ones!
My little Chago is enjoying a kick at it and tossing it around and feeling and pinching it whenever he gets his hands on them :)

Till I sew Next!

August Shower Baskets!

I realized I haven't been blogging for the past month! 
I have been terribly busy.
I dished up a few gift baskets and got the orders coming in.
I honestly love making them. It gives me a chance to play around with my creativity,
and best of all, I have the most awesome customers always!
They needed these gift baskets with matching Fabric baskets as a full moon, baby shower and 
as a newborn gift set.

Here are a few of what I have made:

These Beautiful Personalized Girl Set went to Kuala Lumpur

This Personalized bugs and jungle set went to Kuala Lumpur

Excellent for boys!
This one went to Singapore.

Rocket Boy!
These went to Penang.

Flowery Girl Set.
These went to Singapore.

These went to Labuan to a lovely little boy :)

And these went to Selangor.

There's still more to make :)
Till I sew Next!