Sunday, August 22, 2010

A possible giveaway?


Time flies by so darn fast! There was that one day that I was sitting in front of my sewing machine and then there was another where I leaped our of bed because my water broke, and then there's now where i'm changing diapers and doing mummy stuff!

And now we're planning and packing for our next big adventure... Moving to Chile! So first thing's first! What am I going to do with some of the stuff I sewed? We don't need that extra baggage on the way to Chile...

And then a thought...

"A Possible Giveaway?"

My very first giveaway? Owh! That would be cool! But I'll have to see first!

Anyways, This is what I'm planning to continue making for the time being and then think what Am I to do with these stuff.

Breakfast Anyone?

I like them Sunny Side up :)

Pasta! Yummy!

Your typical lunch pack... Hmm... Where did the sandwich go to?

I love my bananas :)

A tortilla?

Ah... No, Just my Little Santiago all wrapped up

Hey you! Stay away from my bananas!


Till I sew Next :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Curving with Corsets!

I'm going through confinement right now and apparently there are so many do's and don'ts! Especially when you have your elderly relatives around telling you to this and to that. And with all due respect, I love them all, but sometimes it does get up to "here" if you know what I mean...

Miguel is trying to understand all this "Asian" confinement thing, and I am so proud of him for having that patience and biting his tongue!

While I am on confinement, here's what I have also been doing.

I have NOT been sewing, Not yet anyways, I am waiting till I have them time to do so in Chile. Yes, we're moving back to Chile end of September or early October.

I have been on my computer working on selling Corsets!

Here are some of the Corsets up for sale:-

There are more Corsets up for sale but you'll have to check them out in Facebook or go directly to the blogshop located at KK Corsets or you can like the Facebook page at KK Corsets or Add Irashia Corsets.

Good excuse to look good and start flattening this tummy anyways right? : D

Till I sew Next  :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Santiago Andres Cartes!!!

The new man in our lives :) Our very own addition. Our Jig Saw puzzle, as we call him :) Santiago Andres Cartes.

47 centimeters from head to toe
Weighs 3 kilograms
Sleeps most of the time in the day
Wakes mum and dad up at least 3 hours at night
Smiled his first on the second day but always keeping a smile on ours :)
Hates Gloves
Hates being left alone
Will have milk any day, any time
Takes after his dad's looks
Plays the fireman when his daddy changes him :)))

Here he is

Just minutes after Little Santiago Andres Cartes made it into this world :)

In his papa's arms :)

Wide awake and in his mama's arms

Look at the little fella sleep! 

Check out that look!

My Cheeky boy :) Ain't he adorable!

Till I sew Next :)