Monday, August 2, 2010

Santiago Andres Cartes!!!

The new man in our lives :) Our very own addition. Our Jig Saw puzzle, as we call him :) Santiago Andres Cartes.

47 centimeters from head to toe
Weighs 3 kilograms
Sleeps most of the time in the day
Wakes mum and dad up at least 3 hours at night
Smiled his first on the second day but always keeping a smile on ours :)
Hates Gloves
Hates being left alone
Will have milk any day, any time
Takes after his dad's looks
Plays the fireman when his daddy changes him :)))

Here he is

Just minutes after Little Santiago Andres Cartes made it into this world :)

In his papa's arms :)

Wide awake and in his mama's arms

Look at the little fella sleep! 

Check out that look!

My Cheeky boy :) Ain't he adorable!

Till I sew Next :)


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