Thursday, August 23, 2012

Montessori Puzzle Balls

I have been looking and thinking about how to make these for ages now. 

I found a tutorial over HERE and HERE
and started making my own, and for others.
I can't wait for this coming addition (I am now coming to my 7th month of Pregnancy) to have a go at it.

In case you are wondering,
what the heck is a puzzle ball and what's it good for?
Read on :)
Montessori Puzzle Ball is a wonderfully versatile toy that follows your child from infancy through toddlerhood. More Variety Coming soon!

During Infancy: Hang the ball above your baby's movement mat or car seat / Bouncer / Gym and you might notice them beginning to reach out to touch things whilst lying down. This can start happening from as early as 12 weeks, and although your baby's movements w
ill be very clumsy at first...if you watch carefully you will see a definite pattern in the motion of their arms and legs.

3-4mths: Baby in Sitting Position frees the baby's hands for working together and the puzzle ball is easily grasped and passed from hand to hand. The ball is also great for rolling as it doesn't roll very far due to its unique shape. Babies delight in reciprocal games, so rolling a ball back and forth will rate highly on their list of favourite activities.

The ball offers great incentive to early crawlers, as it presents the right amount of challenge. Rolling far enough to make them want to chase, but not so far as to cause frustration.

And as a toddler your little one will love to practice throwing, catching and kicking with the indoor-friendly puzzle ball.

And Here are a few of the Puzzle balls that I have made:

Have the time?
Go make one for your little ones!
My little Chago is enjoying a kick at it and tossing it around and feeling and pinching it whenever he gets his hands on them :)

Till I sew Next!

August Shower Baskets!

I realized I haven't been blogging for the past month! 
I have been terribly busy.
I dished up a few gift baskets and got the orders coming in.
I honestly love making them. It gives me a chance to play around with my creativity,
and best of all, I have the most awesome customers always!
They needed these gift baskets with matching Fabric baskets as a full moon, baby shower and 
as a newborn gift set.

Here are a few of what I have made:

These Beautiful Personalized Girl Set went to Kuala Lumpur

This Personalized bugs and jungle set went to Kuala Lumpur

Excellent for boys!
This one went to Singapore.

Rocket Boy!
These went to Penang.

Flowery Girl Set.
These went to Singapore.

These went to Labuan to a lovely little boy :)

And these went to Selangor.

There's still more to make :)
Till I sew Next!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Chago OVeralls

Our Little Guy will be turning 2 tomorrow!
I know!!! How time flies!
I have been meaning to sew a pair of overalls for him ever since I saw him in one when we were out shopping for a pair of jeans 2 weeks ago.
And so I sewed one up while everyone was doing their bit on preparing the little BBQ we're having tomorrow. I thought this will be such a cute outfit for him.

My Little Boy in his ChagoRolls 

He Looked so comfy in them, I can't wait for him to be in them again tomorrow! 

His dad was mowing the grass and so he wanted to help

Wonder where he is off to... 

Ahhh... Of course, to help with the raking! 

I embroidered his name on the front. It's supposed to be a little more to the left of his chest but I would say it looks good anyhow.

This is surprisingly very easy to sew. 
I will try to do a simple tutorial on this when, WHEN I have the time.

Until Then,
Back to work for this mama too

Till I sew Next!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bibs, Booties, Maternity dress and clutch!

Things I have been running in circles sewing for the past week.

Newborn Sporty shoes for the coming addition!

A maternity Dress for myself... 
Not very happy with this one but will try to sew another next week

This Cutesy Bib!!!!
I am secretly wishing for a girl, Am I?

A Wristlet Clutch Bag!

Didn't really get to sew that much.
I'm kind of trying to work on something else at the moment. 
I'll be sharing with the whole world when the time is right.

Till then,
Have a great weekend!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Counting Play Mat

I had another request for a playmat... Actually, to be honest, I had lots of requests but I had to turn them down. It takes a lot of head cracking, hardwork and TIME as well as some stretching and some patience when it comes to sewing a play mat. This order was long overdue actually. Since December I think? Luckily it was for a friend and she understood. Plus, the first trimester I had wasn't exactly the same easy going one like when I was pregnant with Chago. 

So here's the finished product.
The counting Play Mat.
kind of actually thrilled at the fact that just after minutes of uploading the pictures, I had over 150 hits on my facebook album! Thank you So much for the grand Support! It makes me feel so so special  :)

P/s: Forgive me for the quality of the photos taken...
Chago just couldn't contain himself therefore I had to mind him and the picture taking at the same time!

Customized for Qayyum

An Apple in a basket

A car with TWO wheels

A sandwich with THREE eggs

A Fish bowl with FOUR Fishes

A night Cloud with FIVE stars

A dice with SIX Dots

A bag of Cookies with SEVEN Cookies

A flower with EIGHT petals

A Birthday Cake with NINE Candles

A tree with TEN birds

Now time for the "Play"

Starting with the flowers since they are the most colourful ones on the mat

Took them off, counted, named the colours with mama and fixing them back on :)

Counting stars and humming to "Twinkle Twinkle little Star"

Dice! Count them dots!

Getting the cookies out. Chago said that these were Raisin Cookies!
Raisins makes his world go round :)
Counting as he takes them off

Anymore in there?

Getting the little fishies out.
Here, Chago actually looked at the colour of the fish, the eyes and was making them swim in the bowl 
hahaha, too cute!

EGGS!!! Chago loves eggs!
Count them and put them in!
During the making of this mat, occasionally I found myself alone in my bedroom...
Whenever I had to look for him, I would find him sitting on the unfnished mat pretending to eat the egg sandwich :) I could hear him say "onomnonomnom"

Chago named the colour of the apple and said "Only one"

Counting the birds, naming the colours and even counting the feet!
Wasn't expecting him to count the feet

Sang Happy Birthday and pretending to blow the candles
Hahaha, this boy can really entertain himself.
He was counting the candles in this picture

Taking the wheels off and putting them back. He loves cars (don't all boys!)
He even counted the windows!

Here, he found the letter M

"Time to relax" was what he really did say :)

Till I sew next :)