Friday, July 27, 2012

Chago OVeralls

Our Little Guy will be turning 2 tomorrow!
I know!!! How time flies!
I have been meaning to sew a pair of overalls for him ever since I saw him in one when we were out shopping for a pair of jeans 2 weeks ago.
And so I sewed one up while everyone was doing their bit on preparing the little BBQ we're having tomorrow. I thought this will be such a cute outfit for him.

My Little Boy in his ChagoRolls 

He Looked so comfy in them, I can't wait for him to be in them again tomorrow! 

His dad was mowing the grass and so he wanted to help

Wonder where he is off to... 

Ahhh... Of course, to help with the raking! 

I embroidered his name on the front. It's supposed to be a little more to the left of his chest but I would say it looks good anyhow.

This is surprisingly very easy to sew. 
I will try to do a simple tutorial on this when, WHEN I have the time.

Until Then,
Back to work for this mama too

Till I sew Next!


Anic said...

Wow.. very nice.. and your boy is so cute...

RTP said...

Hi Anic,
Thanks! haha, yes he is adorable, makes it harder to get mad when he starts being too curious

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