Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fishes and Bears... What Fun!

Since we're holidaying 
we took advantage of all the time we have to visit family friendly places...
Of course, then at night, this poor mum stays at home while the boys goes out to party. 
So we visited the Aquaria at KLCC
I have been there before but I never had this much fun with my little guy!
The look on his face brought me so much joy :)

I love this shot...
Just in time to catch a turtle on camera

Even the bigger boys were having so much fun

Kiss Kiss

So much to see and learn here :)

We were lucky to drive by this street
Bears Unite!
Bears hand painted from all over the world by their own respectful country.
United in the streets of Kuala Lumpur to promote peace and Harmony. 
Malaysians and Tourists alike we having a great time strolling by bears of different countries and snapping pictures with bears of their own :)

Peruvian Bear: Red
Qatar Bear: Bottom Right

Romanian bear and some others that I just couldn't remember anymore

South Korea, Malaysia, Jordan Bears

Ireland, Saudi Arabia

Ethiopia, Argentina and Cuba

I just love this!

Chilean Bears... of course!

USA, UK and Malaysian Bears

Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as we are enjoying our holidays :))

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Chago's Happy everyday BREAKFAST

The continuation of the previous post... 
Here's a picture of Santiago's breakfast and him enjoying it :))

Ingredients: Fresh Milk + Home Made Yoghurt made by yours truly :))) + Raisins + Pink Guava (Jambu Merah) + Corn Cereals + 2 teaspoon Ground Almond, Sunflower and Pumpkin seed + Wheat Germ + Raw Honey + Ground Cinnamon + 2 teaspoon Coconut Oil + Oats. This platter will normally be accompanied by a glass of Fresh Milk and any type of fruit e.g. a whole Unpeeled Banana for him to work and peel off himself.

Look at this 17 mth old munching down his morning grub!
He will never want to waste a drop :))

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Power Breakfast and anchovies for lunch and dinner please!

I have religiously been doing this for chago and Miguel (of course) ever since Chago started on Solids full time upon turning one last July. 
I never actually blogged about it...
But I get lots of mails from some others asking me about the home made dishes Miguel and I 
would prepare for chago.
So here is me sharing what I prepare in jars to add into Chago's breakfast...

Pumpkin seeds (not the salted Kuaci but the unsalted ones where you can find packaged in an airtight pack)
Sunflower seeds - again unsalted and unsweetened and organic unsalted almonds.

Mix them all together,
ground them up in a blender... I make them a little chunky and not too fine :)
and then store into a jar.

Anchovies - Yummy!
I use anchovies for Chago not only for the nutritional values they carry but also as a natural substitute to salt since we have not once use salt in any of his home cooked food.

Wash the anchovies, I do this around 3 to 4 times,
strain and leave on a strainer for an hour.
Spread the anchovies evenly on a baking tray,
pop it into the oven under low heat and let it bake till it looks dried up - but not to the extend where it goes brown and crunchy! It's delicious that way I know but what we want here is the nutrition it carries :)
Let it cool and then blend the anchovies a little bit at a time

Will post more on what the breakfast looks like tomorrow :)

Living in a cardboard Box

After cutting out some holes off a small cardboard box and letting chago drop in some lego blocks into them...
I sort off killed the whole idea of fitting the blocks into the holes
by accidentally...
okay, not accidentally,
maybe... by unintentionally giving Chago the idea that it would have probably be
super fun if he took the box and put it over his head
and played peek-a-boo instead!

So I found a bigger box and made a fun filled Cardboard House...
With the same wooden cylinders and blocks from Daiso that I had used to DIY my own toy for Chago (in my previous post), I used a kitchen towel cardboard tube and tape it onto the box so chago could roll them out by dropping them into it.

He was laughing till his tears were rolling off his cheeks!
His Uncle Rainer decided to join in on the fun too!

Nothing makes a heart skip 10 beats in an instance than watching your own minis
laugh and roll in their funny, silly laughter :)

Till we play next!

Simple DIY Toys under RM30

You read right :)

We were out shopping one day in Daiso (The ever so popular RM5 store)
When I suddenly had this DIY inspiration thing going on
I saw a wooden dish rack, some wooden blocks (8 in a pack),
Wooden short Cylinders (8 in a pack), and a wooden fat ring stack around the store...

When we got home, Miguel started sawing the dish rack in two,
drilling holes in the wooden cylinders and nailing down the sawed off dish rack parts onto a plywood.
Showed it to Chago and he sat there fitting in cylinders, fat rings and stacking blocks for what seemed to be at least an hour! How cool is that!

Nowadays, this toy I made is now way too easy for Chago to figure out,
so he started throwing the cylinders and fat rings all over the place.
In the beginning, I used to tell him no and he should put them back where they belong
but then one day, when he was busying himself again
we were observing what he did with the wooden fat rings....
We saw how he had tried to fit his finger into the hole and then tried fitting other stick like objects into it.
When the ring fell off his hands, 
he saw how it rolled and turned, so Chago picked it up and put it up right,
used his finger and pushed it,
it went round and round like a wheel would go rolling about
he did this for a loooooong time!

Please don't mind me...
I just think babies are the smartest beings in the world!
And it's amazing how fast they learn and absorb what is around them at this age!
He just never fails to amaze me everyday :)

He makes me count my endless blessings :)

Till we play next :)

Busy Busy Busy

Here's Mr Busy
Keeping himself Busy
Just doing whatever he can to keep on moving :)

Okay, Okay, Okay
I have been reading a lot of the Mr. Men and Little Miss lately..
I find some of the stories quite interesting for Chago..
Like Mr. Messy...
I get to emphasize how not clearing his toys could result him bumping his head on the floor just
like Mr. Messy when he tripped on his broom :)

Here's chago keeping himself busy with his Crayons and his desk and chair

Crayons out...

Crayons in...

Oppsie Daisy!

Scribble scribble doodle doodle...

Nope, position of the table and chair isn't giving him much inspiration...

Forgot his chair...

Got it... now sliding it over...

Okay... "Where was I?"

I just love watching him when he's busying himself with whatever makes his world go round :)

Super Cute Undies!

After reading a post from.. Oh darn! I can't remember where!
I saw this mama posted this picture of some very very adorable undies she made from a pattern she bought.
Oh I so fell in love with it!
You can find the Pattern up for sale from That Darn Kat
Use whatever scraps you have!
Great timing I must say since Chago's been diaper free most of the time during the day now.

So here's what I made :)
I actually made a few a couple of months ago but finally got to make one using new knit fabrics that I just received last week.

For the elastics around the waist and the thighs, 
I used the bands off an old underwear - BUM Equipment branded on the bands :p
The knits were the back (white) part of the undies 
and for the front, Celebrating Seuss by Robert Kaufman's Fabrics.
So easy to make although I have to keep figuring out some parts because the instructions
weren't very clear to me..

Fits so perfect!

Even Chago's checking himself out!

Till I sew next!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Mean Trucker!

Another messy activity :)
Outside the house of course :)
Miguel got Chago some sand to play with yay!
I have been bugging Miguel about getting sand for few days now and so he finally got it for us!

Here's a traditional recipe for making any kid happy...
Let them get messy!

Chago inspecting the sand.. While his dad got carried away playing with the truck :)

Destroying what his dad built...

Helping his dad load the truck and load the bucket :)

He didn't look too happy about getting cleaned up huh :)

Till we play next :)

Flour Power!

Have been spending more time with Chago these days,
making up for all the time lost when I was busy sewing in my sewing room..
poor boy missed his mummy :)

So this was one fun activity for him that I had planned out...
well, I didn't actually really planned anything
Just sort of searched through my kitchen cabinet and got out whatever flour I had and put them in a large metal bowl :)
Buried some small toys, placed some spoons, ladles and a whisk and place them outside for chago to sit and mess himself up!
I was great just watching him...

I showed him how to used the mini metal strainer to shake the flour off :)
Look at the concentration!
Actually, at this point, I think he got hungry and tried eating the flour :p

I gave him a bottle of water too so he mixed water into flour and got all the gooooeeeyy mess
on his tiny hands. 

And then it's off to his bath tub :)
I handed him a bar soap...
He was so interested with how the soap felt, how slippery it was and... Yes,
How it tasted too that he sort of forgot about food for awhile...

Time for a Banana!
Chago goes crazy over a Banana!
He just loves them!
I thought him how to peel a Banana
He peels one like an expert now!

Watch him gobble it down...
Makes you want to go get a banana now doesn't it :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree oh Christmas Tree!

Christmas time is drawing near!

My favourite time of the year!
And gearing up for the upcoming KKM Garage Sale Bazaar, 
I have been sewing like mad finishing customer's orders before my long break and
sewing for ready stocks and Garage sale goodies.
Still more to sew.
For now, here's what I'd like to show off :)

Cute Fabric and felt Ornaments!!
I tried them on my Christmas Tree last night with nothing but the ones I made and they looked so Lovely!
Will be making more and more and more!

You can also check it out over at my Ready Stocks Album in Facebook if you'd like to get some for your Christmas Tree at home :)

Add colour to your Christmas Tree this Year!

I love them all!

Little Yoyos for your Christmas tree as well :)

Till I sew next!