Saturday, December 3, 2011

Power Breakfast and anchovies for lunch and dinner please!

I have religiously been doing this for chago and Miguel (of course) ever since Chago started on Solids full time upon turning one last July. 
I never actually blogged about it...
But I get lots of mails from some others asking me about the home made dishes Miguel and I 
would prepare for chago.
So here is me sharing what I prepare in jars to add into Chago's breakfast...

Pumpkin seeds (not the salted Kuaci but the unsalted ones where you can find packaged in an airtight pack)
Sunflower seeds - again unsalted and unsweetened and organic unsalted almonds.

Mix them all together,
ground them up in a blender... I make them a little chunky and not too fine :)
and then store into a jar.

Anchovies - Yummy!
I use anchovies for Chago not only for the nutritional values they carry but also as a natural substitute to salt since we have not once use salt in any of his home cooked food.

Wash the anchovies, I do this around 3 to 4 times,
strain and leave on a strainer for an hour.
Spread the anchovies evenly on a baking tray,
pop it into the oven under low heat and let it bake till it looks dried up - but not to the extend where it goes brown and crunchy! It's delicious that way I know but what we want here is the nutrition it carries :)
Let it cool and then blend the anchovies a little bit at a time

Will post more on what the breakfast looks like tomorrow :)


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