Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fishes and Bears... What Fun!

Since we're holidaying 
we took advantage of all the time we have to visit family friendly places...
Of course, then at night, this poor mum stays at home while the boys goes out to party. 
So we visited the Aquaria at KLCC
I have been there before but I never had this much fun with my little guy!
The look on his face brought me so much joy :)

I love this shot...
Just in time to catch a turtle on camera

Even the bigger boys were having so much fun

Kiss Kiss

So much to see and learn here :)

We were lucky to drive by this street
Bears Unite!
Bears hand painted from all over the world by their own respectful country.
United in the streets of Kuala Lumpur to promote peace and Harmony. 
Malaysians and Tourists alike we having a great time strolling by bears of different countries and snapping pictures with bears of their own :)

Peruvian Bear: Red
Qatar Bear: Bottom Right

Romanian bear and some others that I just couldn't remember anymore

South Korea, Malaysia, Jordan Bears

Ireland, Saudi Arabia

Ethiopia, Argentina and Cuba

I just love this!

Chilean Bears... of course!

USA, UK and Malaysian Bears

Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as we are enjoying our holidays :))


aini said...

that diaper yr lil guy is wearin in the pic, is it best bottom?

RTP said...

hi aini

nope :) that is the diaper i sew :) i sew my own diapers :)

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