Friday, December 2, 2011

Flour Power!

Have been spending more time with Chago these days,
making up for all the time lost when I was busy sewing in my sewing room..
poor boy missed his mummy :)

So this was one fun activity for him that I had planned out...
well, I didn't actually really planned anything
Just sort of searched through my kitchen cabinet and got out whatever flour I had and put them in a large metal bowl :)
Buried some small toys, placed some spoons, ladles and a whisk and place them outside for chago to sit and mess himself up!
I was great just watching him...

I showed him how to used the mini metal strainer to shake the flour off :)
Look at the concentration!
Actually, at this point, I think he got hungry and tried eating the flour :p

I gave him a bottle of water too so he mixed water into flour and got all the gooooeeeyy mess
on his tiny hands. 

And then it's off to his bath tub :)
I handed him a bar soap...
He was so interested with how the soap felt, how slippery it was and... Yes,
How it tasted too that he sort of forgot about food for awhile...

Time for a Banana!
Chago goes crazy over a Banana!
He just loves them!
I thought him how to peel a Banana
He peels one like an expert now!

Watch him gobble it down...
Makes you want to go get a banana now doesn't it :)


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