Saturday, December 3, 2011

Super Cute Undies!

After reading a post from.. Oh darn! I can't remember where!
I saw this mama posted this picture of some very very adorable undies she made from a pattern she bought.
Oh I so fell in love with it!
You can find the Pattern up for sale from That Darn Kat
Use whatever scraps you have!
Great timing I must say since Chago's been diaper free most of the time during the day now.

So here's what I made :)
I actually made a few a couple of months ago but finally got to make one using new knit fabrics that I just received last week.

For the elastics around the waist and the thighs, 
I used the bands off an old underwear - BUM Equipment branded on the bands :p
The knits were the back (white) part of the undies 
and for the front, Celebrating Seuss by Robert Kaufman's Fabrics.
So easy to make although I have to keep figuring out some parts because the instructions
weren't very clear to me..

Fits so perfect!

Even Chago's checking himself out!

Till I sew next!


enet said...

those are beautiful :D well done you :)

i love "that darn kat" site too! made some wallets using her tutorial.. yeay me!

oo in case you're wondering, annette (mariessa) here from fb :)

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