Saturday, December 3, 2011

Living in a cardboard Box

After cutting out some holes off a small cardboard box and letting chago drop in some lego blocks into them...
I sort off killed the whole idea of fitting the blocks into the holes
by accidentally...
okay, not accidentally,
maybe... by unintentionally giving Chago the idea that it would have probably be
super fun if he took the box and put it over his head
and played peek-a-boo instead!

So I found a bigger box and made a fun filled Cardboard House...
With the same wooden cylinders and blocks from Daiso that I had used to DIY my own toy for Chago (in my previous post), I used a kitchen towel cardboard tube and tape it onto the box so chago could roll them out by dropping them into it.

He was laughing till his tears were rolling off his cheeks!
His Uncle Rainer decided to join in on the fun too!

Nothing makes a heart skip 10 beats in an instance than watching your own minis
laugh and roll in their funny, silly laughter :)

Till we play next!


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