Saturday, December 3, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Here's Mr Busy
Keeping himself Busy
Just doing whatever he can to keep on moving :)

Okay, Okay, Okay
I have been reading a lot of the Mr. Men and Little Miss lately..
I find some of the stories quite interesting for Chago..
Like Mr. Messy...
I get to emphasize how not clearing his toys could result him bumping his head on the floor just
like Mr. Messy when he tripped on his broom :)

Here's chago keeping himself busy with his Crayons and his desk and chair

Crayons out...

Crayons in...

Oppsie Daisy!

Scribble scribble doodle doodle...

Nope, position of the table and chair isn't giving him much inspiration...

Forgot his chair...

Got it... now sliding it over...

Okay... "Where was I?"

I just love watching him when he's busying himself with whatever makes his world go round :)


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