Saturday, December 3, 2011

Simple DIY Toys under RM30

You read right :)

We were out shopping one day in Daiso (The ever so popular RM5 store)
When I suddenly had this DIY inspiration thing going on
I saw a wooden dish rack, some wooden blocks (8 in a pack),
Wooden short Cylinders (8 in a pack), and a wooden fat ring stack around the store...

When we got home, Miguel started sawing the dish rack in two,
drilling holes in the wooden cylinders and nailing down the sawed off dish rack parts onto a plywood.
Showed it to Chago and he sat there fitting in cylinders, fat rings and stacking blocks for what seemed to be at least an hour! How cool is that!

Nowadays, this toy I made is now way too easy for Chago to figure out,
so he started throwing the cylinders and fat rings all over the place.
In the beginning, I used to tell him no and he should put them back where they belong
but then one day, when he was busying himself again
we were observing what he did with the wooden fat rings....
We saw how he had tried to fit his finger into the hole and then tried fitting other stick like objects into it.
When the ring fell off his hands, 
he saw how it rolled and turned, so Chago picked it up and put it up right,
used his finger and pushed it,
it went round and round like a wheel would go rolling about
he did this for a loooooong time!

Please don't mind me...
I just think babies are the smartest beings in the world!
And it's amazing how fast they learn and absorb what is around them at this age!
He just never fails to amaze me everyday :)

He makes me count my endless blessings :)

Till we play next :)


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