Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Quick Travel Journal

I made a super duper last minute Travel Journal for my Brother in Law, David, during the wee morning of the day he was flying off back to Chile.
I wanted to do it earlier but I never seem to find the time, and ever since dad checked in for his Knee Replacement surgery, I have to split myself even more. 
It's easier to concentrate now with my holiday being over :)
I know I could have probably done something better or sew something to hold the pieces together but I was dying for sleep at 5 that morning.

I don't quite remember where I got some of the free printable templates but I do know I browsed through a cool site with lots of crafty tips. Check at the end of the post for the link to the page :)

The assembled piece!

Some were free printables, some were created by yours truly :)

Passport stamps from all over the world!!!
Well, Okay, not all over but a whole lot of countries, Including Malaysia and Chile of course!

I chose this font because I think Miguel somewhat owns the same handwriting...
It's hard to tell.
Lefties are always ugly handwriters :p

I had no Glue left at this point!
Like I said,
Super last minute.
So sewing was a great option!

Some, again,
are free Digital papers
I really do want to give credits but I seriously forgot where I got them from :(

Postcard Pictures time!
Yes! That's a real Python around his neck!

You'll never see this postcard in stores ever!
A mother Orang Utan Lovingly Smelling the bum of her little Orang Utan

Taken  at Poring Hot Springs - Ranau, Sabah

The print in the bottom reads:
400 over meters above sea level
100 over meters tall Canopy Walk!
I did this when I was 8 mths pregnant and did this again while David was around.
It is always scary in the beginning. The scariest of all would have to be the last walk. 
Not for those with a faint heart!
Supported only by cable ropes, a piece of plywood plank and an aluminium ladder!

Oh, and did I mention that I took these pictures???
I love the one on the left where Miguel looks up towards the sky with huge clouds.
Taken at Kundasang - Ranau, Sabah.
Excellent picture for a brother to brother message

Malayan Tiger on the right

Envelopes for memory keepsakes and little tiny things like entrance tickets, train dockets, flyers etc for remembrance

He absolutely loved it!
shhhhhhh!!! Do not tell but it actually made both brothers cry!

Head on to Tip Junkie to browse through for some free printables :)

Till I craft again :)


Anonymous said...

Awww... You made ME teary eyed! That must have been the BEST gift anyone would ever have... EVER! Well done bella! -you know who :)

We're Mad about Fabrics! said...

Awww Thanks Alissa! That was exactly what he said :) I was really happy that I decided to do it at the very last minute :)

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