Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pin Up Girls 2012 Calendar

I was busy sewing and shopping for everyone when I suddenly remembered that I had completely forgotten about my very single 50 over years old uncle who
cooked our Christmas dinner and who shared meals with us everyday for the pass couple of months!
Everyone will be getting something except for him if I didn't think of something quick!
So here's what I made for him

A 2012 Pin Up Calendar Girls from the early 1900s!
You can find Pin Up Girls on the net for free these days just by typing in "Pin Up Girls"
Got a few pictures,
added a 2012 calendar of every month on them
Customized a front calendar cover with his name on it
and wrap it up with a string
(because I ran out of cellophane tape!)

So here they are
The Vintage Girls of 2012! 

"James Yong Lolita Girls 2012"

Till I craft next


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