Sunday, January 29, 2012

DIY Cardboard Play Fort with tunnels!

While we were out and about and waiting for my dad, I told Miguel to take a drive around the corner to see if there was any Hardware store open during this festive season.
I was looking for unsanded tile grout to start my chalkboard project.
I didn't manage to get it BUT
I managed to get some used boxes from a Moving Company who were in the midst of packing someone's goods up to be relocated.
Brought three boxes (2 tall ones and a shorter one) and got the blueprints in my head.

Got home and started assembling them!

Chago, as always, wants to help.
So he helped me sweep a little on the insides of the box. He did an excellent job!

And even inspected the boxes for me before I actually started assembling them.
He said it looks Great!

Put them together and made sure the the tapes were on right otherwise he would just end up loosening the joints up.

Holes looks right too.
Aha! Who have we got there with you Chago?

Where is he???


Still haven't spotted him?

We moved the fort into the house so he could play with everyone and anyone who came for a visit.
His aunt helped by adding some rafia string curtains on the inside :)

I got the older "kids" interested as well :D


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