Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Making Homemade Butter

I was looking through the net looking for an inspiration and looking for ways to make my own oils without spending a fortune on just buying them.
I was about to shut my lappy off when I suddenly had an idea about making my own nut oils.
In Google, I saw lots of articles about Nutty Butters...

It took me awhile to figure that out...
Until I started reading.
And then comes the palm slap!
YES... Now I get it!
We have PEANUT butter in stores to spread on our bread, so walnut, almond, cashew, pistachio etc can also be made into Nutty Butters just like Peanut Butters! Only it's a whole lot healthier and yummier because you can custom whatever to suit it to your own taste buds.
I made to batches.
One for Us to eat - Almond + Sunflower Seeds + Pumpkin Seeds
and One for getting Almond Oil out of

Here's the SIMPLE RECIPE on how to make your own Butter for Consumption:
I promise, This Will be Easy!

Almonds - I used about 200gms of Whole Unroasted Raw Almonds
Coconut Oil / Olive Oil - I used Coconut Oil because I prefer the smell and taste of coconut oil to olive oil. I find that Olive oil has this really strong Olive smell. 
Ground Nutmeg**

** are optional ingredients you might want to add in. I like to leave mine without the additional stuff so that I can experiment with different flavours when I spread them on my bread, or when I use them in cereals or making cookies / cakes

A blender
A spoon to scoop out the Almond Butter
A clean and dry container for storing your Almond Butter

1. Place Almonds into the blender and blend them slowly at first using the impulse button and slowly increasing the speed.
2. Add a little bit of the oil of your choice and continue blending. The Almonds should start balling up inside. Use a wooden spoon to push the sides and even up on the insides but make sure the blender is turned off when you do this!! I say this because I know some people who actually does this while the machine is on!
3. You may want to add more oil if you find that the Almond is taking some time to actually become a creamy paste. Add a little bit at a time. You can try using a teaspoon at a time. Give it some time to blend. I think it took me about 15 minutes to blend. 
4. You now officially have your very own Pure Almond Butter!
5. Add in a pinch of salt / to taste, honey, cinnamon or nutmeg or whatever it is you are crazy about, mix them up and transfer them into a container for you to store your butter!
6. Store them in a nice cool place. I store mine in my refrigerator. Since Coconut oil does not harden up like a rock, it's actually quite easy to scoop out with a butter knife and spread it on toasted bread.
7. Serve them to any nut crazy kid/adult and watch them enjoy it :)

Chago loves his :)
I actually used Pumpkin and sunflower seed along with Almonds as mentioned above. It tastes more or less just like pure almond to me except the colour has a hint of green to it from the pumpkin seed.

This is Pure Hazelnut Butter which I made for the purpose of extracting its oil from.
The method of doing this is the same way as mentioned above. Just omit the extra stuff out.
I used Olive Oil for this.
I store this under room temperature.
Wait for 2 weeks and Hazelnut Oil will appear on the surface of the Almond meat!
Just get those oil and you'll have the oil you would need.
What can you use it for?

1. Add them into handmade lotions, soaps, shampoos and
Why not?? Into commercial Lotions too!
2. Rub the oils directly on your skin. They will not feel oily or sticky on your skin. Use it as a serum for your face and your hair. Rub them on the rough and dry areas on your body i.e. Elbows, heels of your soles, knees, in between your toes and fingers, palms etc!

What to do with the meat?
Rub them on your face, or use them as a facial mask.
You can also use cheese cloth to squeeze all the oils out and use the meat in your soaps as an exfoliating agent.

Hope you find this useful :)
I love making homemade edibles for Chago and the adults :)
Great ideas for gifts too don't you think so?


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