Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Curving with Corsets!

I'm going through confinement right now and apparently there are so many do's and don'ts! Especially when you have your elderly relatives around telling you to this and to that. And with all due respect, I love them all, but sometimes it does get up to "here" if you know what I mean...

Miguel is trying to understand all this "Asian" confinement thing, and I am so proud of him for having that patience and biting his tongue!

While I am on confinement, here's what I have also been doing.

I have NOT been sewing, Not yet anyways, I am waiting till I have them time to do so in Chile. Yes, we're moving back to Chile end of September or early October.

I have been on my computer working on selling Corsets!

Here are some of the Corsets up for sale:-

There are more Corsets up for sale but you'll have to check them out in Facebook or go directly to the blogshop located at KK Corsets or you can like the Facebook page at KK Corsets or Add Irashia Corsets.

Good excuse to look good and start flattening this tummy anyways right? : D

Till I sew Next  :)


maslight said...

wastaga u pulak this. XD

Michelle said...

Hey Massy!
Yup! It's me :) Just nice timing for Hari Raya don't you think?

Beverly ◦● べバリー●◦ said...

I like one of them!! But u have them in hands now?

Michelle said...

Hey Bev,
Nope, sorry, I take pre orders only :)

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