Friday, November 11, 2011

DIY Captain Hook Costume

My dad needed a costume to go along for his last annual dinner last Thursday and it was themed 
I said last because he's retiring at the end of this year :)
So he asked me to sew him one.
We went around our local textile stores and we were talking about what sort of Pirate he would want to be.
He said that many might want to dress up as Captain Jack Sparrow
and he didn't want to be one of them.
So I suggested Captain Hook!

I wish I had managed to snap pictures for a quick tutorial on this but it was really a last minute thing.
So enjoy the pictures that I have managed to take before he left for his dinner.

Miguel made the hook.
He used cardboard, some aluminium foil, the top half of a coca cola bottle and painted it black and black paint on the aluminium foil to create that rustic look

Oh, and did I mention...

Till I sew next


Anonymous said...

BRAVA!! as usual.. i like the hook and the whole outfit.. ohh not to forget the curled up mustache :)

Beverly ◦● べバリー●◦ said...

Mich! I think ur dad looks more like Davy Jones from Pirates of the Carribbean!!! Hahah!

ANyways, love this DIY!! Your dad looks awesome!! I like the mustache!! xD

Niki said...

I wish you did a tutorial. Any tips for the coat and shirt?

RTP said...

Hi Niki,
Sorry bout that. I wish I did too but I can never seem to find the time. Same goes to the Goku Outfit I made which, a lot of people have been emailing me for a tutorial. If I ever find some precious time to sit down and work on it, I would definitely do it :)

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