Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cloth Diapers and More!

I know I have been neglecting the blog for awhile. The truth is I have been traveling as we had some relatives down and when we got back from the Mountains etc etc... I was sooooo pooped! And to make things worst, I developed a fever and was down with the flu...

But ever since I got back, I started on some Play Mat making, Booties making, Sandwich making and Rattle making! Also... Made some orders for the Bamboolite Cloth Diaper that I have been promoting! Check it out on my blogshop HERE!

Anyways, I made an extra special play mat for a friend who had wanted the same one I had for her lovely daughter Tiara. I made it a little bigger too :)) I really do hope she likes it!

She also wanted a ham sandwich and beef patty set as well as a Rattling Mr. Sunshine! I'm quite please with myself actually... Because I have managed to make them more or less almost the same!

And not forgetting them booties too! They are quite a hit!

And Amy Nash of Singapore, the coolest hot mama around ordered some Bamboolite cloth diapers from me for her baby girl. She too wanted a set of the Sandwich and beef patty felt set, she says it's educational in a way that she can train her girl to eat healthy and make a sandwich :)) She also wanted the Lady Bug booties, and I wasn't sure if it will fit fine so I threw in another booty for her which I'm sure she'll fit :))

My cousin wanted to try some Bamboolite cloth diaper too, so he had ordered 3 for the time being. I had ordered 5 for myself! I wished I had ordered more, and I probably will soon!

So, Till I sew Next :))


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