Saturday, May 22, 2010

Beddy-Bye Beast that rattles :)

I have always wanted to make these for the coming baby... Just so that I won't have to worry about some baby toy stuff for it when it's here. I had this tutorial for the Beddy-Bye Beast by Holly (you can find her at her blog) for some time now and finally gave it a go. I must say, I am very happy with how it turned out altho I didn't really use cashmere for it. Anyways, I mixed the colours up a little and this was how they turned out!

My Three Rattles!!

These are the things that are making the beddy-bye beasts somewhat rattle... We've actually had these lying around the house since 1994??? They are from the Lion Dances... I really don't remember how they end up with us...

This is the Beddy "Panda"...

And the Beddy Rabbit and Cat!

Instead of using the same colours or materials for the beasts... I decided to mix them up.


They are going to be stored in a nice place until the baby comes :)

Till I sew Next!


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