Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kimono From Woman's T-shirt

I have to thank My cousin, Martina, for some hand-me-downs. I get to cross some stuff out of my list and start concentrating on sewing other stuff. But I just can't help sewing a baby Kimono since one of the stuff were baby rompers and tees. So I used one of the "kimono" tops and made myself a pattern for it :))

I traced around the tie-tops and got these patterns to cut out and make me some Kimonos!

I got this top as a free gift while shopping at Parkson Grand and had always wanted to make something for the little one... So Why not a Kimono top?

Cut  according to the pattern...

Sew them together... I attached a red ribbon instead of bias tape because I don't have any with me.

Again... I used a wider red ribbon because I don't have bias tape at that time..

This is how it will look on the inside...

And TADA!!!! Done!

And since I have some more material out of that tee... I decided to make a baby hat to go along with the kimono... I wish I had enough material to make something more Kimono-ish... But I guess this will do.

Looks like I need to be shopping for more ribbons...

I wish the little one is already here so I can show it off on the baby than a doll with 4 hands...

And there you have it! 

Till I sew Next :)


Cath J said...

Wow... Good job!!! :)

Joyce said...


Michelle said...

Thanks Girls! I'm hoping to make more of these kimonos :)

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