Monday, May 10, 2010

Bunny Towel and Mr. Sunshine

It's a very sad day for many today as my super grand dad just passed away this morning... I believe he has gone to a better place for he has suffered many years trying to cope with his illness. May his soul rest in peace...

I was meaning to put this up yesterday night but was so tired. So while waiting for all the hospital procedures to be done for the release of my Grand dad's body so we can pay our last respects... I'll just put this up.

My cousins Jessica and Martina has been a big help in advising what stuff I should get before the baby comes. My mom helped me out on the list of things that I need to get ready too... One of them are baby towels and handkerchiefs...

I used some of the towels my dad gets for free from Shell and started cutting them up in 3s.... And since I thought White is just so darn boring, I decided to add some...

Bunny Ears!!!!

That's my mom in the laptop screen... I was showing the Bunny towel off and was taking some pictures for the blog while talking to her.

I wished I had a baby with me to parade in the stuff I make... sigh... What's great about this was I am starting to stop depending on tutorials!! I'm getting the hang of these tutorials

That's Mr. Sunshine :) He was made because of a mistake I made...
His towel body was supposed to be a handkerchief for the baby... but I screwed it up and decided to attach a head to it... hence the existence of Mr. Sunshine here :))


I sewed some cartoon filled cotton fabric to the towels just to make it look fancy. Snoopy was Miguel's idea... I wanted something more... unique.. I would still need to sew more handkerchiefs anyways so i'll experiment later.

Again... I wish i have a baby to parade in all these stuff. So i forced stuffed my head in the bunny hood so I can show how it will more or less fit with my baby :)

Till I sew next :)


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