Thursday, February 9, 2012

Playful Reusable Snack Bags

 I started making these for Chago because I just hated dragging around a big bag to fit in all his snacks etc!
But then after that I couldn't stop. 
I took out more scraps and started putting the pieces together. 
I placed Bananas in them, a small box of raisins too.
I also poured some cereal in one and a piece of toasted bread with honey spread on it.
Yummy breakfast on the go!

And when we got to the coffee shop to have our breakfast,
I simply asked for an empty bowl and a teaspoon (I should have brought my own spoon).
I brought a small chilled box of Fresh milk with me and fixed his breakfast in a flash!
Win-Win situation.
He eats and I get to do so in peace!

Here are the other snack bags with other playful prints I've made :)
You can get them over at my Facebook Page HERE for RM10 each.
Or go ahead and make one yourself!

Till I sew next!


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