Sunday, February 19, 2012

My First Mei Tai! Finally!

Someone from a sewing group in Facebook that I have joined shared her Mei Tai Project
I have always wanted to make one for myself but never found the time.
Plus the Mei Tai Illustrations and patterns I found online were mostly tie around ones
I love buckles because I just hate the whole thing dangling everywhere.

So after cracking my skull and referring to a few tutorials online especially from Still Learning Life on her hooded / head rest idea, I decided to get the drawing block out and start drafting.
My only regret about this Mei Tai was that I wished I had reduced the width of the straps since I am petite. 
But I added a chest buckle to keep the straps together which most mei tais have anyways.

So here's my Mei Tai for show.
Hoping to go for a hike somewhere soon like old times
Maybe to Mulu Caves?

Folded the Hood into a head rest.

This is even more weightless feeling than the pea pod carrier I made before

Chest straps, wide straps and my tie on waist straps.

Till I baby Wear Next :p


sHaHiedDaH said...

WOW! boleh bawa chago panjat gunung suda..

RTP said...

Yes!!! Boleh :p

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