Saturday, February 18, 2012

Post Crossing

While having a cup of hot Milo the other day,
I was browsing through my Facebook updates and saw that one of the Home Schooling mamas I know through one of the Homeschool Network Groups have an album on Post Crossing.
This is something new to me...
Interesting too...
Sending and receiving Post Cards like how I used to write letters and on post cards too to pen pals I once had during my younger years.

Chago may be too young to understand this now but I am hoping that by the time he learns to appreciate any of this, we'll have a lot of postcards on the wall scattered and threaded onto countries on a huge World Atlas!

Today, most people communicate by email, social networks and the whole letter writing and postcard thing isn't appreciated much anymore.
I however, actually still do prefer printing my photographs on paper,
Sending Greeting Cards physically than virtually,
Send little silly notes in envelopes to some of my customers sometimes.
All these things adds personal touches to what the other end is receiving...
This is also the reason why I prefer DIY handmade gifts rather than to buy them off stores.
The effort and time put in to do something worth more than just putting money over counters.

Chago and I signed up for Post Crossing and we've sent out 4 postcards to Finland, Russia, Taiwan and Netherlands.
We're excited to get a postcard back!
We got news that one of our postcards have made it's way to Finland! Hooray!

Here's the Postcards that we have sent out.
Photos taken by me, printed them out and turned them into postcards.


Picture of a Temple near Jalan Sultan, nearby Jalan Petaling in Kuala Lumpur for Brigette Van Der Heyde of The Netherlands

Malaysian Bear Uniting for Peace for Dorofeeva Ola of Russia

A typical rainy day of our local Kampung Air in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for Piitu L of Finland

A picture I took at Lokawi Zoo of an Orang Utan mum smelling her young for Shiu-Wen of Taiwan

Hope to get ours soon!


enet said...

hi michelle,

i am so intrigued by postcrossing (after reading your post of course :D ) i decided i had to register myself too :D thank you so much for sharing.


RTP said...

Hey Annette,

It's great to know I am Intriguing someone out there with this post :)

Jaclyn Sharmelee said...

Hi Michelle,

How do I sign up for this post crossing?

RTP said...

Hi Jacky!
You can sign up here:

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