Monday, February 6, 2012

More Than Anything!

I have been subscribing to a few Great, Interesting Parenting sites/blogs
and one of them made me jump this morning!

Mummy's Review made me jump when I read an email on a sponsored 
This is something I have been talking over and over again with hubby Miguel!
That I just needed this sort of course
Ever Since Miguel had started working,
I have been spending more time with Chago
and have been neglecting my sewing as I have promised myself to committing to home schooling
the Montessori way.

And if you have been following me here and on Facebook
You already know that I have been talking about this sort of parenting style for months now.
Even my Pinterest  has lots of links and ideas based on The Montessori Method.

Chago learning to spread honey and cream cheese onto his bread.
He is also learning to set his table.

I went all the way to buying books, pdf files and scouting for toys
including disposing off toys that didn't give much learning satisfaction to Chago.
I invested in more books for him as he loves reading so much!
And now even thinking about turning
my sewing room into Chago's Learn and Play room. 

It would be great to have an experienced teacher who have had many many years of experience 
to coach me on applying Montessori at home.
I would have to admit that, home schooling scares me a little...
Scares me not because I think it will not work out
Scares me because I am a little afraid that I might not know enough to home school.
I would like, therefore, to have that opportunity to enrol into this course.
To boost my confidence.
To gain better knowledge with an experienced mentor.
And the most important reason of all is,
To give to Chago what he deserves.
The Love, Respect, Knowledge, Confidence and Education 
that I once wished I had as a very "curious" toddler.

Keeping my fingers crossed!
Let it be Us!


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