Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our First Postcard!!!

We got our FIRST Postcard today and so Chago did the hokey pokey dance yee haa!
And this is what our sender wrote at the back of the postcard in red:

"Hei, This picture is for a children song, about spring, flowers, and walking without shoes, Hapy post-Crossing.


 Anikka Kaller of Sweeden :D

I love the stamp too! A man feeding the steam engine's coal burner or whatever you call that...
Will look it up tomorrow morning.
Gah! My ignorance!

In my Post Crossing Profile, I mentioned how I wanted my postcards to be in their native language and without translation.
Great, now I realized that these comes with hyphens etc and what IF i receive a postcard in Japanese or Chinese???
So, now I would need to do some editing in my profile

If anyone knows how to translate this, do help!

Till I post Cross again!


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