Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bubble Painting

Toddler Activity: Chago will be 3 in 2 months

Eversince Max was born, it's been quite hectic around the house. I am a Full time mum, Full time wife, I Sew full time as well, And I Exclusively breast feed Max. I am not complaining, it's just that things got out of hand in terms of play time, work time and baby time etc. 

Now, 5 months after, we're starting to get out groove back. I decided to cut down on work and spend more hours with the family, Chago especially. 
We've done quite a lot but I seldom have the energy to blog about anything these days. So let's start again with some Bubble Painting shall we?

Bubble Painting Recipe:
Clear Dish wash liquid
Food colouring of your kid's choice
Empty containers
Big card stock (So it would not tear easily... In case your toddler decides to wet the paper and start rubbing the soapy paint with his hands!)

1. Add about 3 tbsp of clear dish wash liquid in a container.
2. Add in about 1 teaspoon of food colouring of your toddler's choice
3. Add about 1 teaspoon of water
4. Mix the solution with your straw
5. Get them to blow and have fun!
6. Repeat for the other colours

I showed Chago without explaining*. Just simply held the straw up to show him, dip it in the Soapy Colours, and blow gently. Some bubbles flew for a bit and then landed on the paper. Some Burst in mid air. All these creates patterns and then watch your tod's eyes light up. They'll be grabbing their straws for their turn next!

* I do the whole "watch me and you try" thing without verbally telling him simply because I want him to think without me telling him what to do. There are, afterall, no rules to follow when we're bubble painting. So why restrict the fun! FYI, I do that with everything. Sometimes saying less teaches them more. I don't tell him what to do or not. I just watch him, and most of the times, he amazes me on so many levels

Such a simple activity, YET, I learnt something from him. As I watched him leaned in, I saw how by going so close, he creates this pattern (below) that looks somewhat like a flower bud waiting to bloom. Beautiful! 

He started mixing the colours at this point. I asked him what he wanted to do and he said this
"Let's see what happens when we mix Yellow and Red mama!"
I got more empty jars and containers so he could mix the colours. 
The beauty of how a child learns when he discovers things himself. 
He'll remember this lesson for all eternity I bet!

I have to be honest
I started panicking at this point. But he was having so much fun laughing and blowing bubbles. It was so hard to get him to stop having fun!

Ahh... See what I meant about using card stock and not ordinary papers?
He rubbed his hands in and because the card stock was quite thick, it did not tear.

Taped it to the door to dry it out. It'll go up on the wall. 
We wrote our names up on the upper left  and dated it. We're thinking about framing it :)

Great thing about this is that if your kid ever gets his hands and face with Food colouring soapy colours, it comes off easily! 

Try it, I'm sure your tods will love this.

Until we play again :)


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