Tuesday, August 9, 2011

DIY Baby Safe Paint and Messy Messy Day!

I have been thinking about this for the past couple of days. Looking at Chago sit on his bed building blocks with his papa, but his papa was hogging the blocks. So I got Chago to the kitchen, let him go walking round and round while I prepare his baby paint :)

Recipe for a Baby Safe Paint:

Cold water
Safe Food Colouring (don't get the cheap ones - look at ingredients)
Hot water 

1. Pour some flour into a bowl
2. Add cold water (not too much)
3. Mix the flour and water to create a paste
4. Add your desired colouring
5. Mix and add hot water to adjust the consistency of the paste (to dilute it a little) 

Do that for other desired colours and you'll have one laughing baby messing up the kitchen floor.

Change clothes to darker colours or remove clothes!
I forgot to do so but i don't really care since those were just home clothes :)

Till we paint next :)


maslight said...

Heheheh, kutur sudah main color. Main tie dye lagi ;D tunggu besar sikit.

Michelle said...

Oh yes! definitely! I'll wait till he can really listen and follow instructions. Otherwise, something else will be tied and dyed! rofl!

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