Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Santiago's 1st Circus Carnival Birthday Themed Party!!

I was so excited about this that I had started planning this ahead and for quite some time now. My very first Party Planning Project for Chago... A Circus Carnival Themed Party!

I took one week off to prepare this very last minute party. Well, the idea and concept of it was not last minute, but the whole DIY thing was! Everything was handmade and prepared from home! Everything except The Birthday Cake and the "Pin the Clown" Pin up game. 

Now, I said ONE WEEK, but it was actually 4 days, including the day of the party! 
I had 3 days taken away from me because I had some issues with getting to the post office in time and having my other errands done - I.e. Send and pick up Hubby from airport, send soapnuts, orders, pick up fabrics from customs department etc... All these left me with just 3 days of crazy sleepless nights, a demanding baby, and everyone was "Michelle this, and Michelle that" on what's going to happen on the birthday. I was a walking zombie! I could just sink my teeth in to human flesh anytime if they pushed the right buttons :)

But all that hard work paid off. With a very loving and supportive husband, good showmanship from my brother, good sporting nature from my dad and sisters and not forgetting the Birthday lady - my mum, whose birthday falls 2 days after Chago's, everyone who came had fun! I have never felt so happy to see everyone enjoying themselves!

I made this very simple Birthday Suit for Chago. He's meant to be the Little Canon boy while his dad is the Canon Man.

Designed this and printed them out individually, string them up and tada! The cutting and the stringing part took me forever. And making sure they hold up straight was another thing.

Miguel blew all the 70 balloons we had. I think about 30 of them popped just before the party started. No more cheap balloons for sure!

Got some of Chago's Monkeys to help out as well. This Gorilla was in charge of the Jelly beans Basket

A short pictorial story of Chago's adventure from the time he was born right up to that very day :)

Plastic drinking sippy cups for the kids to hold on to throughout the whole night

Door Gift bags with the kids' names on them. They come with 10 game tickets each, a Face Painting coupon and a Popcorn redemption Voucher. You can't play games without a ticket!

The Elephant Parade! join the stampede for some cuppies!

A big Thank You to my sister for helping me bake these. Yumminess!

Red Eggs - A tradition in the Chinese Community. I seriously do not know what it symbolizes nor do I care, but since my family are mostly Chinese, mum thought it would be good to just do it. Well, It definitely looks nice in a nest with a snake in it :)

My Popcorn stand - Chago's Circus Monkey are guarding them. One of them is sleeping on the job...

One of the Carnival activities :) Present a ticket for fortune telling!

Try your luck at toss the ball! One ticket only!

Or Pin The Clown!

How Cool is that :) Having your own dad dressing up in this ridiculous Clown suit that I made! Thanks dad for putting this on :D


And to my canon boys :)

Loving them for being a sport!

This is the most popular booth! I had some kids begging me for more tickets!!!

My mum was supposed to be in charge of Face Painting BUT she was still stucked in the kitchen so I had to fill in... And my my, what HORROR!

I stuck to Kitty cats since they were simpler to do :)

But the canon boy can't have a kitty cat face :s

Okay... This was over exaggerated!

Err.... Niiiiiiiiiice kitty....
She didn't look too happy here, LOL!

The Birthday Cake. I should've done less wordings or at least a round cake.

All in all, everyone had a blast! I had a blast! It was so much fun, especially with the games and the Pinata. And everyone loved the food. I would remember this day for the rest of my life :)
sigh... (happily)
And I do hope very much that Santiago can remember bits and pieces of it.
Because I actually did remember some bits of my first birthday.

Thanking everyone who came as well to make it as wonderful for us as it had been for them :)

Till I sew next :)


Anonymous said...

sorry moi, the four of us wasnt able to make it to Chago's party...we had family emergency.......BTW happy bday Chago!!

Michelle said...

Rachel? is that you? :D it's alright, I actually have their goody bags waiting for them :) Maybe the next one :D Thanks for the wishes!!

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