Saturday, July 23, 2011

Chago's Turning 1 Giveaway!

That's right! Chago's Finally Turning ONE! Hurray!
I'll be busy from now till end of the month sewing and crafting for Chago's Themed Party
But never to busy for my very first Giveaway!

Two Lucky souls will have fluffy mail heading their way :)
The Giveaway is going to be the following:

TWO Chago Mago OS Denim AI2 Shell (without soaker) worth RM50
This Denim Shell has an outer Denim, Hidden PUL and Inner Fleece
The Picture Shown Below is just an example of how this Shell would look like... The winner of this Denim Shell will be getting them with back pockets and perhaps a little something else. The design is going to be a surprise :) How cool is that??!!

The Second Winner for this Giveaway Would be winning my favorite night CD shell: 
OS Windpro Fleece Shell.
Colourful Snaps and 100% Windpro Goodies. No PUL, Very Breathable! 
And Very Water Resistant!
Read the review here (I actually reviewed it myself LOL)

What you need to do now is this:

2. To win the White Fleece Shell, head on to Rabbit The Penguin on Facebook and leave a comment on the wall with reason/s why you deserve the White Fleece Shell in less than 20 Words (Please do not go over 20 words. If it does, it will automatically be disqualified)

3. To Win the Denim Shell, you'll need to email me at rabbitthepenguin at gmail dot com about why you think you deserve to win it more than anybody else in less than 100 words (Again, Please do not go over 100 words. If it does, it will automatically be disqualified). 
Use the title: "Why I/baby's name Deserve to win Chago Mago's Denim Cloth Diaper".
Once you have done so, paste the link on Rabbit The Penguin's Facebook Page

You can choose to participate in both the fleece and the denims or you can do just one. It's entirely up to you. 
Be creative :) For email entry, if you'd like to fiction it up or turn it into a comically funny post on why you think you or your baby deserve the denim shell just do it :D

This giveaway will start today up until the 6th of August 2011. Winners will be judge based on all the steps given above : Liking the page in FB, and the creativity of both the fleece shell and denims entries. 

Winners will be announced on the 10th of August 2011 :)

Let's start the fun!


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