Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Super Water resistant Fleece Diaper Shells :)

I bought some Windpro Fleece because I wanted to test them out. So I got busy. When I made one, I pre washed it a few times just to not disappoint myself. 

(since fleece are somewhat resistant to water when you first buy them, after a few washes they do eventually absorb fluid very easily... so washing them a few times before testing it on Chago would be the best way of testing this diaper out to see if it really resists water or not)

Put them on Chago one night with a foldover insert from BambooLite, snapped him up, put his pyjama on and got him to sleep at 9:30pm. I have to admit that I was not able to sleep that night as I was worried it might not work. Just as soon as he got up at 8am the next morning, I took him, checked his pants, dry - no leaks - no damp areas - nada, I took off his pants and touched the diaper, dry - no damp or moist areas, no leaks, no strong urine smell like you normally would get from pocket diapers, no leaks, NADA!

I took off the diaper, insert was soaking wet!!! Diaper was dry. Touched the gussets, not wet, very very lightly damp on the inner part of the gussets, no leaks! I was the happiest mum on the planet! No leaks at night for me for sure!! And I was right, no more since that day. I made more of these diapers for my little chubs!

the Inner Part of the diaper

Using the Foldover Insert by Bamboolite. Fits well. I use this system for my Chago at night :)

Snap on the insert so it will not fray around

Love the white, love the colours of the snaps

And now these were made for someone else who wanted them :)

If you're interested, just drop me an email or drop a note in my Rabbit The Penguin Facebook page and I'll get back to you :) 


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