Saturday, July 16, 2011

Baby You can drive my Car, Coz Baby I love you!

Chago has been so interested in cars lately, going vrrroooom vroooom VROOOOm whenever he sees a car, or anything with wheels! We have also given him our old school toy cars from the 80's to play with. And he just loves them, he also knows how to pull the toy car back and let it go for it to move forward... well, okay, it may actually be a fluke. But he seems to be doing without knowing it. 

Anyways, I decided to make him a wheel so he can go vrrooom vrooom vrooom in the car or in the living room or in my sewing room with a steering wheel in his hands. 

Here's a pictorial tutorial IF you'd like to make one for your little ones too.

I found some good cardboard boxes at home. 

Using something round around the house, trace it to the cardboard and draw the Y in the middle like how a real steering wheel would look like

Oh, and if your little one is with you, keep him busy.

Cut it out

Here, I have Felt in brown and red, some polyester filling sheet like you would use in a comforter and a very thin fabric about 10" x 10" (depending on the size of your steering wheel)

1st: I lined the brown felt under, and then the filling, the mold...

And then the thin Fabric

Pin them in place so they won't move about when sewing

Starting on the outer part of the wheel, use a straight stitch to sew around.

Then on the inside, go slow on this... you don't want your needle to get caught in the cardboard. You should be able to see through the fabric. 

This is how it looked like all sewed down.

This is how it looked like on the brown felt side

Cut the extra unwanted pieces out

Now place it on top of the red felt. You can actually use another sheet of polyester filling, I wanted to do that but I forgot all about the other piece.

Use a tight zig zag stitch around it, and on the insides too

And you'll have this

Again, Cut out the unwanted parts

And Tada!!! A... very unrealistic steering wheel but...

I found this... Which belonged to one of my youngest sister's Interactive Disney game books..

Apply hot glue on the back

And stick it on. Hey it even works, a little weak on the battery though...

Now, let's see what he thinks about it...

Still Checking it out...

Getting in the "car"

And off he goes!

Vroooom Vroooom VROOOOM


Till I sew next :)


rabiahroslan said...

ooowhh.. i wish can sew like u....n so creative !!!!lucky chago!!

Michelle said...

Thanks Rabiah :)))

Anonymous said...

my DD and yours can be bff! mine loves to go vrroommm too whenever he hears cars passing by or sees anything on wheels.. he goes wooosshh if he sees/hears a plane passing by! i can't wait to see your next project bella!! keep it up! Alissa Lazor

Michelle said...

Awwww, Thanks Alissa :) I'll be sewing some Circus theme stuff over the next week for Chago's upcoming 1st birthday! so i'll be quite busy then :D Thanks for stopping by!

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