Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Good Morning all!!!

As Promised, I will be announcing the winners for the 1st RTP Giveaway!!!

The Winners are as follows:

TWO Lucky Winners for RTP @ Chago Mago's Denim Giveaway:
1. Anne Chan
2. Joanne Michelle Lee

Winner For White Fleece Shell:
1. Nuyul Mohsan
Congratulations to the Winners! I will be contacting you guys via fb soon to get more details on the gender of your little ones for Denim winners, and mailing details for all winners!

For those who did not win anything, a very BIG THANK YOU for being a sport and showing some love here at RTP.The Winning Entries:

By Anne Chan - 73 wordswhy Eugene deserves to win Chago Mago's Denim Cloth Diaper because his mummy is in jeans and sports shoe ALL the time. Coz my mummy has to look after my two elder sisters who's always running in the shopping mall, and me, trying to stand up in my stroller. Therefore, Chago Mago's Denim Cloth Diaper would be perfect coz then our colours won't clash and will ALWAYS coordiate :)  i'll be COOL like mummy!

 By Joanne Michelle Lee - 93 words
"Why I think Laurent deserves to win Chago Mago's Denim Cloth Diaper more than anybody else is because I have yet to purchase one from you, but never had the chance since I fell in love with your WFC. Winning this Denim Cover would put a smile on my face since I now have a 5 collection of Chago Mago's Cloth Diapers. If I win the Denim Cover, not only will it look posh and expensive, yet it would be fun to use on its own with tees, specifically for outdoor family outings".

By Nuyul Mohsan - I deserve the White Fleece Shell because..... my child worthy of the best (comfort) and i can rest assured from leakage at night. 

For those who participated but did not win anything, A VERY BIG THANKS FOR PARTICIPATING! 


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