Tuesday, May 25, 2010

DIY Fairy Tale Play Mat!

I finally finished it!!! My very own Play Mat! Oh Happiness!
I was walking around Toys'R'us the other day and came upon a simple looking play mat selling for about RM250++... I opened the packaging a little and noticed that it's thin and has a very plastic like material. It's like something made cheaply in China but sold so expensively here in Malaysia. I could be wrong but I didn't like paying that much for something of that quality. I told Miguel I was going to attempt making my very own play mat! But I needed a theme...

I was talking to my nieces and nephews a couple of days later and was quite taken aback at how poor their knowledge of fairy tales and nursery rhymes are! I guess they stopped telling them at play schools, preschools, kindergarten etc anymore... So I decided to use Fairy Tales - Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs, as my theme :)

I am so proud of this. It's done without any sort of referencing or templates from other tutorials etc nothing! It was all done as I work. Ideas came as I sewed! And when my baby outgrows it, I can always hang it on the wall and tell it bedtime stories or they could play it out themselves :)

Here's some pictures for your viewing pleasure :))

Grandma's House

Which you could peel off to reveal Grandma's Bed :))

And slip the wolf in during story telling...

"I'm waiiiitiiiinnnnnggggg.."

Laying down the path to both fairy tales

Inside of the straw, wooden and brick houses of the Three Little Pigs

Laying them bricks!

Hammering them wood!

And tying them straws!!

This was my second attempt at the Red Riding Hood

Isn't she adorable?

As you can see on the right... I didn't quite like my first attempt... Miguel said she looked like she's....
Blind (???)

The Wood Cutter

"I'm gonna slay some wolf, I will!!!"

The huffing and Puffing Big Bad Wolf with the Three Little Pigs :))

"He Huffed and he Puffed at the first piggy's straw house!"

"... Again, he huffed and he puffed at the second piggy's wooden house!!"

"... But huff and puff with all his might, he will never blow them bricks down to the ground :)"

I hope you like it as much as I do :))

Till I sew Next!!


Jacq said...

This is SO cute! Very nice job Michelle!

Michelle said...

Thanks Jacq! I'm glad you like it!

Anonymous said...

very cute! you definitely rocked that play mat.

Michelle said...

Hey Li!
Hehehe Thanks! I wanted to make a battlefield mat with some soldiers and tanks but my hubby was not really into the idea of me doing all that just yet.. Lol! Thanks for dropping by :))

Emily said...

Wow! Amazing!!!!

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